Good Morning, RVA: Vote your socks off

It’s Election Day! Contribute to our system of government and get a free sticker.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 52 °F right now, but we are not in for a repeat of yesterday’s weather doldrums. Highs today are back in the lower-70s and the chance for rain gets smaller and smaller throughout the day! Take that impending winter!

Water cooler

It is Election Day, and today Virginia will decide on its lawmakers for the next couple of years. Will we elect a General Assembly that lands Virginia on the national news for passing bananas laws? Maybe! You can help decide, and Susan Howson can help you help decide. Polling places open at 6:00 AM. You can follow live results right here and even get a dang JSON feed of the results!

Looks like City Council might have the oppourtunity to increase their salaries from the paltry $25,000 they agreed upon back in 1998. Ned Oliver has the details on the next steps, which aren’t as straightforward as you’d think.

I’m not sure what it means when a suburban restaurant lands a major-talent chef but then shuts down to reopen as a more “neighborhood-friendly” concept while also considering moving downtown. For the past year it’s seemed like we were seeing some of the city’s food talent push further out from the city center, but maybe that’s not sustainable? Or maybe it’s just that running a successful restaurant is insanely hard.

It’s an open source logo thingy for Petersburg, à la the RVA logo! There’s not a lot of space to work with inside the logo, but I went ahead and made one myself.

I’m not sure why CBS hates Star Trek so much, but they’ve announced a new Star Trek series that will run exclusively on their $5.99 per month streaming service called CBS All-Access. The fifteen people that have CBS All-Access are pretty excited about that I bet.

This morning’s longread

Will Shortz and the Ping-Pong Prodigy

That’s the Will Shortz, the New York Times crossword puzzle guy.

They first met in China, in 2011, when Shortz was visiting Beijing. Shortz believes that he holds the record for having played in the most table-tennis clubs in the U.S.: more than two hundred and fifty. He has also played table tennis on each of the past one thousand one hundred and twenty days–and counting. The last time he didn’t play was October 3, 2012: “I was in Kraljevica, Croatia,” he told me, “for the World Puzzle Championship. Of course, I’d lined up a local club to play at that day, but I had trouble finding it–the street signs in Croatian were not helpful–and I finally arrived just as they were turning off the lights. That was the only day in the entire year that I missed.”

This morning’s Instagram

Halloween refugee on Marshall ?

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