Good Morning, RVA: The perfect day

This weather, you guys! Make it last forever!

Photo by: Tal Bright

Good morning, RVA! It’s 55 °F, and the unbroken string of beautiful days continues! Today you can expect another perfect Richmond day with highs in the mid-80s, beautifully sunny skies, and absolutely no reason not to spend some of your day out of doors.

Water cooler

Quick logistical note: Yesterday’s Good Morning, RVA did not go out by email. I’m not really sure why, but I will blame it nebulously on “Technology.” For this, I apologize! If you’d like to get caught up on yesterday, you can do so here. If you’d like to sally forth into the future, continue reading.

Just last week we put a note on our editorial calendar that said “what’s going on with the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge?” Then yesterday, as if he’s reading our minds and lurking in the bushes outside of our office, Mayor Jones sent us this release. The bridge, which extends that busted half-bridge on Brown’s Island, will create a pretty crucial route across the river for pedestrians and cyclists. Here’s the design schematics (massive PDF alert!) if you’re interested. Construction starts this fall!

Over the next 36 or so hours, area nonprofits will raise millions of bucks during the annual The Amazing Raise. At the time of writing (stupid early) folks had already donated over $130,000! Each year Richmonders astonishes me with their generosity, and I expect this year to be no different.

Did you notice an EPA plane buzzing around town yesterday? Did you think that it was a harbinger of a government black ops mission? No worries! It’s a program called ASPECT, and they’re just looking for chemical and radiological hazards. I guess don’t worry about that? Thanks to Taber Bain for pointing me in the right direction–although a more boring and less conspiratorial direction.

This headline in the RTD is NOT about professional cyclists getting hit by cars: “Top cyclists hit downtown Richmond as world championship construction continues.” Jeez headline, you about gave me a heart attack.

The new Quirk Hotel is no-joke beautiful, and we have these pictures to prove it.

The second republican presidential debate is tonight at 8:00 PM on CNN. I think you’ll be able to watch online, but who can tell about these things.

Snapchat’s new “lenses” freak me out.


  • Kickers host Toronto in what could be the final game of the season unless a couple of things shake out across the league. Get your tickets here.
  • Nats beat the Phils, 4-0. They’ll look for the sweep tonight at 7:05 PM.
  • D.C. United advanced in the CONCACAF Champions League with a 2-0 win over Arabe Unido.

This morning’s longread

Writing by Omission

Writing is selection. Just to start a piece of writing you have to choose one word and only one from more than a million in the language. Now keep going. What is your next word? Your next sentence, paragraph, section, chapter? Your next ball of fact. You select what goes in and you decide what stays out. At base you have only one criterion: If something interests you, it goes in–if not, it stays out. That’s a crude way to assess things, but it’s all you’ve got. Forget market research. Never market-research your writing. Write on subjects in which you have enough interest on your own to see you through all the stops, starts, hesitations, and other impediments along the way.

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