Good Morning, RVA: Shoot the J!

College basketball is about to consume the nation.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 45 °F, and today–like you, fair reader–looks mighty fine. On tap we’ve got: highs near sixty, no rain, and a partly cloudy sky that may let in enough sun to dry things out. It’s the perfect day to spend inside watching basketball!

Water cooler

The RTD’s Zachary Reid has a thorough interview with Superintendent Bedden, I think the first since the whole Boston ballyhoo. Here’s the money quote: “Should we keep using the past as a reason to not move forward? That’s what’s crippling us. That, and a lack of trust.” This guy!

Style Weekly’s Ned Oliver reports that another West Coast Brewery is in talks to bring their biz to Richmond. The identity of said brewery is top secret, but I did a little digging yesterday to narrow it down to 14 possible candidates. I’m like the Columbo of beer.

Also from the intrepid Ned Oliver is this bit about Richmond, the General Assembly, road funding, and bicycle lanes. Read it and then get frustrated at the monetary disincentives that exist to decreasing the amount of cars on the road.

Honestly, you should just pick up a copy of this week’s Style. Tons of interesting stuff in there.

Two police officers were shot in Ferguson this morning (protests have been ongoing since the death of Mike Brown this past August). Vox has a rundown of what we know and what we do not know.


Already there’s lots of Atlantic 10 tournament news to parse and process after last night’s first round. Follow our ongoing…let’s call it analysis, check out our updated tournament brick bracket, and later this morning we’ll have our VCU-Fordham preview up.

  • Caps fell to the Rangers, 1-3.
  • Hokies kept it close but their season ended last night against Miami (6), 49-59.
  • Top-seeded Wahoos take on the Seminoles (9) today at 12:00 PM on ESPN.
  • Rams (5) and Fordham (12) face off today at 2:30 PM on the NBC Sports Network.

This morning’s longread

If “w” is double u, why is it made of two v’s?

The 23rd letter of the English alphabet is a bit of a wonder. The humble “w” is the only letter of the alphabet with a three-syllable name. It is also the only letter with a name that does not indicate its phonetic use. The complications of “w” are doublefold because of its name, ‘double u’ and its shape, ‘double v’. What’s going on here?

Nerd Alert!

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