Good Morning, RVA: Pretty freaking great

Today’s weather is a harbinger of things to come (i.e. more great weather).

Good morning, RVA! It’s 41 °F right now, and you’re staring into the face of a beautiful, 70-degree day. Get used to it, because there are more on the way just like it as the rest of this week looks pretty freaking great (although some rain my crop up in a couple of days).

If you wanted to beat the crowds, you could try to pull off patiobeers after work today, but I’m declaring tomorrow 2014’s first official Beers On A Patio Day. I’m so proud, we’ve all worked so hard to get here.

Water cooler

Last night a triple shooting on the city’s Southside left one man dead and sent two more to the hospital. This brings Richmond’s 2014 homicide total to eight, with five on the Southside.

Yesterday, the Richmond Residential Housing Authority announced that they would disband their seven-person police force effective April 1st–odd news after a scandal involving their former police chief heads to court.

It’s way more work than watching a live feed on the internet, but, starting today, you can see the cheetah cubs in person at the Metro Richmond Zoo.

The average price for an apartment in Manhattan is $1,715,741–that’s $1,363 per square foot or $9.47 per square inch.

This morning’s longread

What to say to someone with cancer

Helpful advice for those of us who can’t stop giving advice…

Finally, I always love my mother’s suggestion for one of the best questions you can ask in any situation whether it be posed to a friend, a spouse, a child, a coworker. When someone comes to you with a complaint, a problem, or a rant asking the simple question, “Do you just want me to listen or do you want my advice?” is a wonderful way to be supportive. Sometimes a friend just needs to cry and vent, no advice wanted. By asking you will show sensitivity to the distinction. This is what I mean by not needing to have had the same experience to be a good friend. Listening matters. It’s free, and all you have to do is offer (and follow through).

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