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Good morning, RVA! It’s 57 °F, and I am running out of things to say about this perfect weather. Don’t get me wrong: I never, ever want it to end, it’s just how else do you describe “highs in the mid-80s, sunny skies, and absolutely no chance of rain?”

Water cooler

The Amazing Raise continues! As of this writing (again, stupid early), people had given over 12,500 gifts totaling almost $1 million. Remember, you’ve got until 6:00 PM today to support to the local nonprofit of your choice.

I took a hot second to bike down to the Manchester Bridge and check out the shiny new bike lanes that just opened last week. I made it back alive, but you may not! If you should choose to attempt this mission please, please be careful.

Yesterday, we asked a fake Richmonder about some totally fake rumors they’d heard about the Big Bike Race™. Unfortunately, I feel like I’ve heard some of these very fake rumors from very real people in my life.

Robey Martin at Richmond Magazine reports that Mezzanine in Carytown has closed. This kind of feels like a Major Closing (they’d been open since 2008) and leaves me wanting a local restaurant trend piece. Is the Richmond restaurant bubble bursting? Is this just part of the normal burn and churn of the industry? Quick! Someone spend a lot of time collecting data and get back to me!

Last night I watched the reality TV show that is the republican debates. Vox says Carly Fiorina won and Trump lost. Maybe, but he got way more screen time than anyone else on the stage and continues to dominate the news coverage this morning.


  • Whoa Nats, whoa. Not only did they sweep Philly, but they did it to the tune of 12-2. They return to a series with the Marlins tonight at 7:05 PM.
  • Kickers survived Toronto 2-1, and now their playoff hopes rest on how things shakeout across the league.

This morning’s longread

Greek Like Me: Confessions of a Florida Fraternity Brother

I thought for sure this piece would be your Standard Critique of Greek Life, but it definitely isn’t. Folks is folks, you guys. Folks is folks.

The great paradox of Greek life is that the people who are constantly pushing you, sometimes gently, sometimes not, to engage in behaviors that can kill you do not actually want you to die. When someone encourages you to drink yourself unconscious, then grabs a magic marker to draw a pair of open eyes on your comatose lids, ejaculating penises on your pallid cheeks, four-letter words on your clammy forehead, they do so believing that you will eventually wake up and have a good laugh at their work. No one does any of that while also believing that you are on the verge of death.

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