Good Morning, RVA: Flip-flops and halter tops

Great weather, great weekend, let’s do this!

Good morning, RVA! Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change. No, just kidding, it’s the sound of flip-flops, halter tops, rolled up sleeves, and probably even a couple of shorts. It’s 53 °F right now, and it’s just going to get warmer and sunnier until this afternoon when temperatures hit 80+!

After some rain late tonight, things will start to cool off over the course of the weekend–but Saturday looks wonderful and Sunday looks halfway decent.

Water cooler

Governor McAuliffe has signed SB65, the celebratory gunfire law dubbed Brendon’s law after Brendon Mackey. Mackey was killed by a falling bullet at Brandermill’s 4th of July celebration last year. WTVR is reporting this morning that Chesterfield police have named a person of interest in the Mackey case.

The Great Busk kicks off tonight in conjunction with First Fridays. Toss a couple of bucks to a real, live street musician and help them win the coveted Bill “Bojangles” Robinson Great Busk Award.

Scientists have discovered evidence of a liquid water ocean 20 miles below the surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Liquid water = possibility for life!

David Letterman announced that he would retire in the “not-to-distant future.”

If you’re looking to take advantage of this weekend’s wonderful weather and pack your days to the brim with The Haps, check out 5 Things and our events calendar.

This morning’s longread

I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical

Walking with a stick is magical!

Parents do not make childhood magical. Abuse and gross neglect can mar it, of course, but for the average child, the magic is something inherent to the age. Seeing the world through innocent eyes is magical. Experiencing winter and playing in the snow as a 5-year-old is magical. Getting lost in your toys on the floor of your family room is magical. Collecting rocks and keeping them in your pockets is magical. Walking with a branch is magical.

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Photo by: Adam Mulligan

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