Good Morning, RVA: Cheers, rallies, pickles, politics

The weekend, ft. Sunshine.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 63 °F, and we’ve got a maybe OK day on deck. There’s a chance of thunderstorms late morning / early afternoon, but, after that, things start to clear up and we may even get to see the sun set!

This weekend the sun will come out and will definitely dry up all the rain. Itsy bitsy spiders (and continually damp humans) rejoice.

Water cooler

It’s a Friday in May so that means it’s a Friday Cheers day! Tonight’s show features Shovels & Rope and Phil Cook–for just $10! With the weather clearing up, tonight should be a pretty incredible night to listen to some tunes down on Brown’s Island while drinking a few brews. Plus, just ten bucks is a dang steal for Shovels & Rope, y’all.

But! If the thought of interacting with other humans down by the James River makes you queasy, you can spend the evening following a special #rvacouncil. Tonight is the night when two become one, and Council must solidify and pass their budget–state law requires Richmond Public Schools to have a budget by Sunday. There will be a public hearing, so anyone who wants to speak for or against the proposed budget may do so. In fact, the Support RPS folks are holding a rally before the meeting at 4:30 PM to fortify speakers with food truck food for what will surely be a long, long night. There’s some gray area about whether all those folks can have any impact other than raising awareness (and impressing upon incoming councilfolk the importance of funding schools next budget cycle). Ned Oliver has some of the more intricate details, but it sounds like what’s been proposed is what’ll pass.

I do my fair share of writing in on ballots, but I didn’t know that there are special laws regarding presidential and vice presidential election write-ins.

This Saturday, there’s an entire festival devoted to pickled and fermented food. These two adjectives are both easily in my top five of adjectives to apply to food items, so you known I’m excited. There’s even competitions for best pickles, drinkable ferments, relishes, and more! Related: Stephanie Ganz has more of this week’s food news and Rachel Marsh has things to do this weekend. Pickles lie squarely at the intersection of both.

Richmond is on this New York Times list of cities where the percentage of people in the middle class has declined the most. We’ve seen a rise in both the lower and upper classes to replace them.

President Obama is about to send a letter to every school district in the entire country telling them to let transgender kids use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. Letters aren’t the same as laws and lawsuits, but they usually come before both.


  • Squirrels lost to Altoona, 2-3. They’ll try again tonight at 7:05 PM–if they make it through the weekend winless, their losing streak will hit double digits.
  • Short rest for the Kickers, who head to New York to take on the Red Bulls II this Saturday at 4:00 PM.
  • Nats host the Marlins tonight at 7:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

Is Drake an annoying sports fan, or just living the dream?

No better way to celebrate Friday than a Drake longread!

The biggest rapper alive sees himself in the same club as the athletes he admires and seems to understand their quest to define a legacy. He moved from Canadian teen television actor to crossover hip-hop star but was called “too soft” after all. He’s spent seven years in the spotlight trying not to become a joke while having to embrace the joke he’s sometimes been. At some point, Kobe Bryant realized that his legacy, no matter what he did, would be as a relentless gunner, so he put up 50 shots in his last game. Four albums in, the internet still sees Drake as a walking, talking meme, so he slips into a turtleneck and turns on the grandfatherly dance moves in “Hotline Bling.” Takes his 50 shots and shrugs it off.

This morning’s Instagram

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