Good Evening, RVA: March 31st, 2016

We out like a lamb, son!

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It was a dark day in RVA.

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Just one of those weekends

The best part about spring is when 5 Things starts to become really rad–the worst part about spring is when it becomes so rad that it’s far too hard to narrow our picks down to just five. Here are Rachel Marsh’s suggestions for this weekend. My suggestion is to go to Maymont and like, sit in a tree.

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Score one for the “abortion lobby,” I guess?

McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have defunded Planned Parenthood as an unnecessary anti-abortion move that would deprive thousands and thousands of people from good medical care. The best and most ridiculous quote within is the “Oh, well the abortion lobby strikes again!” quote. The people I know who lobby against legislation like this are like hardworking regular women–not greedy fatcats who are counting the gold pieces they pile up earned from their lucrative abortion businesses.

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But anyway…

Here’s all the festivals you can mark on your calendar for the month–and your calendar will have plenty of marks on it. Dang, y’all. Festival season is here. Rachel Marsh has the round up.

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Who’s hungry?

Kevin Clay steps in for Food News this week. Therein, you shall learn interesting facts about Shoryuken (closing), La Grotta (moving), ZZQ (getting a regular schedule at Ardent), and even Starbucks (serving alcohol).

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Today’s awful situation

At this time, we don’t know a whole lot about the active shooter at the Greyhound station on Boulevard, except that the suspect is in custody. There are all sorts of stats flying around right now, but we haven’t gotten anything official from police yet. We will let you know when we do. Be safe and spend time with people you love.

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