Good Evening, RVA: December 22nd, 2015

The days are getting longer!

Photo by: Joey Wharton.

It was a soggy day in RVA.

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baseball on boulevard

Are there even any jokes left to make about Boulevard, the Diamond, and Baseball?

If you’ve got any, we’re all ears. If instead of jokes, you have passion, consider signing this petition. That is, if you agree with the Save the Diamond Committee and everything they have to say. BTW, you can find all of the above within that link. Curl up by a fire and enjoy some hygge while you read. It’ll be awhile.

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KonMari is so 2015

Hygge is what we’re going to get into this year, y’all! Pronounced like something or other, this Danish concept is basically about being cool with what’s around you while the outside is miserable. It’s supposed to be about frozen tundras, but it could work well with the brand-new seasonal affective disorder we’re about to experience en masse. Let’s call it “Rainbrain.” Anyway, Hayley DeRoche wrote a fun thing about how she’s giving hygge a big hug.

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Screenshot 2015-12-22 13.21.06

Yes, we know, a lot of gift guides

But we’re just concerned that you aren’t fully appreciating local goods and are instead just sitting around pushing buttons to fill up the accusingly empty space below your tree. Here’s our last one, we promise and if you’re sitting around feeling smug because you’re all set, good for you! Now you have to make us all cookies.

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christmas car

It’s the most wonderful time of many past years

And the most nostalgically poignant! Come join RVANews, the Ghost of RVA Christmas Past, as we explore yuletides of yore. (Originally published in 2010, but still cool, guys.)

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And now the Ghost of Christmas Present brings you optimism for VCU

Aaron Williams. Dear Aaron Williams. He wishes us all not to fret about VCU’s season, which is getting a little scary. In this effortlessly readable piece, he explains many things about college basketball that you may not know. Worth a read no matter how you feel about le sport.

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And, sadly, here is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Why is Donald Trump’s hair like that? You know you were wondering!


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