2015 gift guide that says “I shopped for you in person”

Today’s the last day of Amazon Prime, but you don’t need it! You can go entirely handmade this Christmas, using this, our very last gift guide.

The handmade goods our fair city is home to will make you look like a shopping god among Amazon Prime plebeians.

Shine Craft Vessels Growler and Pint Mugs

Growlers: the purse for your beer. Shine Craft Vessels: The Chanel of Growlers. The minimalist approach to the design and the slick end-product makes one feel as though their Hardywood beer will taste better when it’s toted around in a Shine Vessel (because it will). With a few colors to choose from, you have some room to mix n’match, further personalizing the gift and further proving yourself as a thoughtful giver of growlers.

Bonus! Shine Craft just released a series of 16 oz pint mugs that complement the 64 oz growler quite nicely. These mugs, like the vessels, can go anywhere glass is not allowed.

Spit some game about your gift: Starting their journey in Virginia Beach then Chesapeake, each Shine Vessel and pint mug is metal spun and polished by hand to achieve their unique shape and are made from metal manufactured from 23 gauge, food grade stainless steel. Each are cleaned and passivated by hand; a process that ensures a BPA, Phthalate and PVC free interior lining, preventing a metallic aftertaste. Each Shine Vessel is then brought to Richmond where the artwork is meticulously printed on each vessel individually.

Andrea Donnelly Scarves

Starting at $250

You have not touched anything real until you have touched a piece made by Andrea Donnelly. Her hand-woven masterpieces, both scarves and home installations, are painted and woven by her own hands, here in Richmond. Her process to produce meant-for-a-goddess goods is mind-blowing and another reason why you should consider her scarves over that infinity scarf your saw on a mannequin at H&M. Trust me, her scarves are better. Every pattern and color combination is different and unique, allowing you to really find the one that suits the lucky SOB who gets this as a gift.

Spit some game about your gift: This year, Andrea’s work became part of the Permanent Collection of the North Caroline Museum of Art AND she made the Art Olympia Gallery Short List in Tokyo, among other things. Mic. Drop.

Leather Goods by Keeper Leather Co.

Available at Yesterday’s Heroes Vintage, starting at $20

Ahhhh the smell of fresh letha! Just typing that makes me want to go grab my newly purchased Keeper Leather Co. travelers wallet and smell its buttery leather goodness. Steven Yates, founder, sewer (as in, a person who sews), owner of many hand-callouses, is a talented man with solid pieces that both men and women alike can enjoy. From camera straps to belts to booklet covers, Steven rocks the local leather goods game. His color palette stays within the neutral family of natural, tan, and black leather. He brings in brass embellishments when needed and does all the burnishing by hand as well (See: Badass). Your leather-loving person will be jazzed about any of the pieces Steven has to offer. If you can’t decide, talk to handmade-goods-guru Drew at Yesterday’s Heroes Vintage. He knows a lot about a lot and can help steer the “However Will I Choose?” ship.

Spit some game about your gift: Not sure if the above emphasized this enough but ev-er-y-thing is done by hand to make these pieces come to life. Sewn by hand, cut by hand, glued by hand, dyed by hand–the whole nine yards.

Herringbone Care Coat by Shockoe Atelier

_$1480 _

The baby alpaca herringbone car coat in blue disproves Elvis’s whining. This made the list for a number of reasons, if not solely to remind you beautiful people that Shockoe Atelier (formerly Shockoe Denim) excels at more than just jeans. The coat is part of Shockoe’s Fall/Winter collection and will stand out in the sea of artificial blends and faux furs found in coat check. Giving the shoulder-warming gift of outerwear is a bold, badass move so I recommend sneaking around their coat closet to investigate sizing!

Spit some game about your gift: This timeless handmade treasure was made in an “Old-World sartorial workshop” located in Northern Italy. Among the textiles used are blue herringbone wool and baby alpaca (also featured: horn buttons). The unstructured silhouette (i.e. not a fitted blazer or structured pea coat) supports more of a contemporary fit and can outfit many a getup.

Na Nin Candle Sample Pack


Candles never go out of style especially if you get to watch them being hand-poured by the maker herself. Each scent, either in the Classics threesome or Latest threesome, is borne from inspirational gypsy women, nostalgic past times, and heartwarming music lyrics. The fragrant candles take rooms to comforting places and the simple glass candle cast can fit within any room décor. The sample pack is a great way to get your loved one hooked on one or all three magic essences. If you haven’t checked out either locations (she has a shop on Addison and another on Brook) take your hunny and bask in the ambiance that is Na NiN.

Spit some game about your gift: Na NiN is the brainchild of Kate Jennings; the earth mama who brings warmth to each and every customer who enters her store. She hand pours and blends all the Na Nin candles and scents in her stores, using essential oils and natural fragrances to create her products. Before NA NIN was born, Kate lived in South Korea, where “Na Nin” translates to “I am.”

Awl Snap Ace Backpack


This backpack is everything. The dynamic duo responsible for this over-the-shoulder appendage have brought a whole new facet to utilitarianism in accessories. I use the word appendage because the lucky lady or gent who receives this gift will have a hard time thinking of any situation that does not warrant having the Ace packed for their back. The bag has a deep secret pocket made from waxed canvas. Just mentioning that material brings me to the next piece of awesome that this bag has to give: IT’S WATER RESISTANT. That’s right people, this backpack works for the biker babe in your life. To order, roll on over to their website and keep in mind that the gift may arrive after the Christmas Holiday. Lets all nod and agree that receiving a present after Christmas keeps the sprit of giving alive long after the wrapping paper hangover has subsided.

Spit some game about your gift: A lot of love goes into these backpacks. From the antique brass studs and buttons to the jazzy black and white striped cotton lining, this backpack is top-notch quality. The leather bottom is a premium aniline leather, which means it is strong and will not break down like a wet grocery bag.

Square Trade Goods Co. 5 Panel Camp Hat


Just like Shockoe Atelier can school their shoppers in more than denim, Square Trade Goods wins at more than candles. This hat is proof. For the hat lover in your life, the five-panel hat is great year-round and protects the whole face, not just your forehead and eye lashes–everyone knows how much of a bummer those kinds of hats are. The saddle leather patch on the front panel and brass hardware introduce nice embellishments and will not compete with the rest of what you’re wearing. To put it squareley: camping never looked so good.

Spit some game about your gift: SquareTrade Goods lives in Richmond and spreads its wings across the country to retailers in Colorado and California. The dominant material of this hat is olive green duck canvas. Rest assured that no ducks were harmed in the making of this hat; the word “duck” comes from the Dutch word, “doek,” meaning linen canvas. Duck canvas is a famously sturdy textile commonly used to make sneakers, tents, and sandbags. Ipso Facto: this hat means business and will be around for a while.

Drift/Riot Cuffs & Bangles

$78 – $130

With only two days left to shop, there are a lot of things on your list that will require off-the-cuff improvisation. Shopping for a killer piece of jewelry that won’t take all your money is a different story thanks to Drift Riot. I’m currently sporting the You Want This Cuff because I wanted to dress up for this article and because it is more of an appendage than a piece of jewelry. Giving the gift that is a Drift/Riot cuff (or any of her other awesome pieces) will also be a like giving your person another limb—’tis a win/win for all in my humble, “you want to buy all of their cuffs” opinion. Each cuff and bangle can be paired easily with a necklace, collar, finger swag, and earring.

Spit some game about your gift: Drift/ Riot came from the minds of Kristy Santelli and Evan Cotter. Kristy is the jewelry designer extraordinaire and Evan puts the wind in the brand’s sails–dynamic duo to the max! Their approach to jewelry is holistic and 100% handmade and polished. Using wax, wire, stone, elbow grease, and love, each piece comes to life to up your jewelry game.

Bonus! Their website rocks but you can also find Drift/Riot resting pretty in a couple shops in town: Rosewood Clothing Co. and Need Supply Co..

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