Where to stay for the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond

Hundreds of Richmond locations are up on Airbnb, but how to choose, if you don’t know Goochland from Grace Street? Here lies the way, out-of-town visitor!

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So you’re coming into town for the Big Bike Race™! But where to stay? Let me be your RVA Concierge. As of this writing, all five of Airbnbs listed are available for the length of the BBR™ for under $600 for your whole nine-day bike-filled stay. How magical! If you can’t snag ’em, try something else in that area!

Say Yes to the Sofa

Where: First up, might I suggest A Sleepy Sofa in Cool Carytown? This sofa has 95 great reviews! That is a really good sofa.

What’s Around: When it comes to food, wine, chocolate, hip duds, ice cream, tacos, a bookstore with a cat, tacos1 or the movies, Carytown has it all. You’d also be close to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, paddle boats in Byrd Park, or burgers at Burger Bach if you don’t mind a bit of a walk. If you want to drive as little as possible, this would be a great choice.

For The Country Mice

Where: So you want to attend the city race but also want the country-living experience? Why not try tent camping in the city? Comes with free firewood!

What’s Around: This is Midlothian, so you’re not gonna be right on the BBR™ course (plan to drive about 15 minutes to see the race itself), and to us city-folk, Midlothian might as well be Mongolia, BUT, it also means tent camping might actually be pleasant! I hear outside the city you can see, like, stars and stuff. Who knew?!?

Come On Over, Come On Over Baby…to Westover

Where: Westover Hills is a cute area nestled near Forest Hill–why not try this cozy room with all the amenities? Bonus, the host speaks French!

What’s Around: Westover Hills has an adorable little library, taZa Coffee ‘n Creme, and is nice and close to the James River and Maymont. Even though it’s across the river, you’ll still be super close to downtown, but without all the parking fuss.

Spicy and Spooky

Where: Spend less than $400 for your entire nine-day BBR™ stay at this Church Hill Renovated Duplex. Your spicy-food loving host is, according to their profile, sometimes mistaken as a witch, which seems like a pretty good bonus in terms of conversation starters. “So, I hear people think you’re a witch!” you might say upon arrival.

What’s Around: With lots to offer in terms of drinks, dining, and museums, Historic Church Hill is a microcosm of delights. Grab some savory hand pies or sweet slices at Proper Pie, a drink at the Roosevelt, a croissant at Sub Rosa, or a muffin at WPA Bakery. If you’re on the spooky side yourself, you might enjoy the Poe Museum’s Unhappy Hour.

Wood Paneling Paradise

Where: Less well-known than hoods like the Fan or Church Hill but just as cute, Malvern Gardens is located in the Near West End area of Richmond. This comfortable quiet room near Willow Lawn isn’t in the bustling downtown, but will get you closer to University of Richmond, which is a prime spectator spot. If you like wood paneling and a place with good reviews, look no further!

What’s Around: Stella’s and Stella’s Grocery are locally coveted options for walkable coffee, brunch, dinner, and drinks. You’re also not too far from Willow Lawn, so you’re all covered on the Duck Donuts front (or the emergency Old Navy tank top run). Or, you could walk/bike a bit further and make it to the Blue Goat for dinner. Now that baseball season is over and the nightly fireworks are no longer a thing, Malvern Gardens is a quiet, peaceful area of the city with ample parking.

Actual Paradise

I’m going to throw in this final extra location because maybe you’re reading this thinking, “But money is of no concern to me! I want the best of the best!” Well, have I got the place for you. BEHOLD:

Where: Have you always wondered what those mansions on Monument Avenue are like? If you haven’t, the only reason I can fathom as to why you do not wonder would be that you already live in one, in which case, this might be moot. But for the rest of you, wonder no more, and stay here! When you rent this UCI World Championship Retreat you’ll have to take notes and report back to the rest of us what wonders you beheld.

What’s Around: With your private garden, playroom with foosball, “park-like yard” and more, you won’t ever have to leave the premises, which are located directly on the BBR™ route!

— ∮∮∮ —

Once you’ve booked your digs, it’s time to plan out your spectatin’!

  1. Tacos are so important I mention them twice. 
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