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Update #1 — December 24, 2013; 8:19 AM

The proposed RVA license plates (see below) will not be a revenue-sharing plate, and will therefore not raise money for any fund or organization.

“It is a non-revenue generating license plate,” said Lucy Meade of Venture Richmond, backers of the license plate, in an email to RVANews. “The $10 or $20 fee goes to DMV and the $1 processing fee goes to Venture Richmond to cover the Paypal and credit card fees.”

Typical revenue-sharing plates (PDF) cost $25 annually (more for personalized plates), with $15 of that cost going toward a specific cause the plate was designed for.

According to the DMV, these plates raised approximately $3.5 million1 for local organizations and funds last year.The top-selling revenue-sharing plate was the Friends of the Chesapeake Bay, which raised over $291,000 for bay restoration projects. Breast Cancer Awareness followed with $155,000 for breast cancer education, along with Kids First, also with $155,000, for programs through the Family & Children’s Trust Fund of Virginia.

In order for the RVA license plates to become available state-wide, 350 pre-orders must be accepted before the DMV approves them.

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Original — December 19, 2013

The first step in allowing Virginians to fasten RVA license plates to their cars began today as the City and Venture Richmond began accepting pre-orders of RVA-branded license-plates.

At least 350 plates must be pre-sold before the City and Venture Richmond can submit a proposal to the DMV. After receiving the design, the DMV can take up to nine months to approve the design and begin production of the plates.

Each RVA plate costs $10 annually, or $20 for personalized plate characters or a transfer of existing ones. To preorder a plate, users should visit the RVA license plate website where they’ll be directed to fill out and submit an application.

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  1. $37 million have been raised by these plates since 1992, when the General Assembly approved their use. 
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