Happy Weekend, RVA: USA! USA! USA!

It’s America Day, start your celebratory engines.

Photo by: Lotus Carroll

Hello weekend people! While Susan Howson vacations in the northern part of our country, I am here to fill in and help you make it through this most excellent holiday weekend. Let us begin!

Today’s weather–as far as fireworks goes–is uninspiring. Highs in the mid-80s are nice, but the sun sets at 8:34 PM and there’s a 51% chance of thunderstorms at 9:00 PM. I have a feeling that if you’ve built your holiday celebration around the promise of rockets and their red glare, you will most likely end the night with disappointment. Or as Weather.com tells me this morning:

“It Will be Lost to the Sea and No One Can Stop It.”

Perhaps they’re talking about our patriotic spirit?

In case you missed it

This week was all about the fireworks, which seems like a lot of build up considering the weather. But! There is still a chance for the show(s) to go on, so if you’re undecided about a watching location, we’re here to help. There’s also a bunch of stuff you can do to celebrate that isn’t as impacted by environmental factors. Plus, if you need ideas for something to take to the cookout, Stephanie Ganz put together this hilarious and adorable list of things to bring inspired by the 13 original colonies (poor Delaware).

A big set of new Virginia laws went live on July 1st, including one allowing breastfeeding in public. People had opinions on this, with some thinking that a wave of breast milk would now come crashing down upon us, as evil mothers celebrated their pro-boob agenda by firing their breasts off into the air like some sort of X-rated 4th of July. Turns out everything is fine, and most breastfeeding mothers–like everyone else–are way too busy with real life to push any sort of dark agenda.

Nick Dawson took us through some of the reasoning both for and against building a independent children’s hospital in Richmond. Dang, this is a complicated issue, and I still don’t know what’s the right path forward. I do, however, now feel more informed on the matter.

Heads up

You’ll have to head to the Northeast, track down Susan, and ask her about next week; while I am many things, a magical prognosticator I am not. I am, however, 100% positive next week will be exciting and interesting!

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up

  • America! Today really is one of our country’s best holidays. No presents, as little or as much family as you like, cookouts, beer, explosions–everything you could want! Maybe read the Wikipedia about the Decleration of Independence, and recite it aloud for all to hear in your best Thomas Jefferson voice.
  • The Women’s World Cup Finals are tomorrow. Read Richard Hayes’s match preview; don your red, white, and blue; and cheer on the USWNT as they face Japan for all the marbles.
  • I’ve really been enjoying Apple Music. So far it’s suggested that I listen to the following playlists (which have all been impeccable): Drake vs. Childish Gambino, Metal for the Whole Family, and Trojan Records: Classic Rocksteady. It’s like it’s inside my mind. Anyway there’s a free, three-month trial that you should begin taking advantage of today if you’re in charge of the music at the cookout.
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