Happy Weekend, RVA: Still time to sun it up

It’s the weekend, you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe that thing you gotta do is stay in bed, and maybe it isn’t?

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The tiny cloud over the sun icon will grow larger on Sunday, but for now it’s upper 80s and sunscreen time. If it’s pouring rain when you read this, feel free to tweet at me with the above sentence quoted, being all “Sure hope I have enough SUNSCREEN lol.” Because my skin is very thick, I can take it. And that thick skin is constantly slathered in sunscreen. Apparel translation: Skin suit.

In case you missed it

Whadda week! We welcomed Richmond newbies in a piece that some Richmond newbies believed was targeted at them. Never, newbies! It’s all Richmond insider jokes about annoying things that happened before you arrived. You are welcome, with all sincerity. I do suggest you look up 6th Street Marketplace, the Shockoe Stadium conflict, Ukrop’s, and the Church Hill tunnel. You’re going to want to know the real stories behind them if you want to understand local politics and history. Hopefully by the time you’re all up in City Council’s biz and yelling about flying cars or whatever will be the case, the city will have moved onto other topics. I wish you well. I will hopefully be playing cards peacefully in a home for the insane, along with the rest of the RVANews crew.

Related: I had a really good Honey Shop joke in there that was vetoed. I’ll save it for my standup career.

Stephanie Ganz’s Food News is always fun to read, but this food news particularly got me with “flaccid balloons.” Because she cannot be stopped, she also described the three culinary programs in town.

Do you care about Monument Avenue being a part of the bike race? Do you care that you don’t care? Do you care if somebody else cares?

Speaking of bikes, I enjoyed Brad Pearson’s Our House yesterday, in which he described what it’s like to HAVE to be a bike parent. That is, he cannot drive a car in a very car-oriented city. Not that he is the parent of a bike.

Richard Hayes, my favorite Richard, told us about Sweet Fix’s new digs, while Ross Catrow, who is acceptable, told us about beer. It’s all cake and beer with those guys! When it’s not constant yammering about the BRT!

Reasons to stay in bed

  • They killed the wrong bear. I…feel so bad for that bear? Is that crazy? Is this like a revenge-killing? I have yet to find an article that has explained to me why bears need to be killed if they are in their natural habitat and they attack a human. This is why I don’t go outdoors. “That said, it matches the description of the attacking bear that Cooksey and members of her family gave authorities, Walker said,” is my favorite quote from the Roanoke Times article. “IT WAS BROWN AND BEAR-LIKE!” What a mess.
  • Gasp and frown and barf!

Reasons to get up

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