Good Evening, RVA: October 20th, 2015

Does being a man mean fixing everything in sight? Does being on a Slave Trail Commission mean you have to follow some rules? Does having a new coach make VCU basketball fascinating to watch? Does Fire, Flour & Fork intimidate you?

Photo by: Luke Witt


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It was an autumnal day in RVA.

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Photo by: MoShotz

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

There’s some primitive urge a lot of men feel one they start procreating–the urge to know how to fix a house. Not necessarily the urge to actually fix the house, but the urge to KNOW how to do it, should that be necessary. Because what if the comet hits and it’s survival time and Sam Davies is standing with his mouth agape and his hands wringing, with his kids looking up at him like baby birds, wondering how to heat up their cans of beans that he may or may not have put aside for them in his Apocalypse Shelter. The pressures of being a man, man!

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Which one are you? (We’re more like the “Lära Bar Scarfer”)

We’re lucky to have Stephanie Ganz as our resident food writer, who not only makes us laugh on at least a weekly basis, but also writes humorously. HAHA JK Stephanie. Anyway, she’s involved with Fire, Flour & Fork, “A gathering for the food curious,” which is a conference/festival that’s back this weekend for its second year, featuring a ton of local and regional culinary artists and cookbook authors. Because the programming is kind of overwhelming, she put together a FFF guide based on personality type

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Photo by: Will Weaver

Wade right in

Aaron Williams is one of maybe two people we know who can explain sports in a gracious and engaging manner.  But the neat thing about this VCU basketball season is that if you’ve dabbled, in the past, with #ramsramsrams fever…now you can take the ultimate plunge and start right at the beginning of an era! Aaron gives useful information about the beginning of Coach Will Wade’s reign and what it’ll possibly be like this year. The Black & Gold game is this Saturday. It’s free, it’s fun, and there will certainly be Jock Jams.

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Kujichagulia means “Self Determination,” BTW

Guys. GUYS. The murky world of City administration is a world that will suck you into endless PDF-reading. Maat Free has been working on the second installment of her Kujichagulia series for almost a month, and the results were pored over in this office with a fine-toothed, PDF-referencing comb, and dang. The Slave Trail Commission has some weird things going on with it. You almost certainly will learn 100 things from this piece.

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Unofficial urban planning week continues

Sorry to bore you with all this in-depth City of Richmond business, but hey, actually, no we’re not sorry! This plan for Virginia Union, Chamberlayne, and the surrounding areas is going to make a serious difference in various lives, we think. 

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Art, auctions, and moonshine

Fine steamrollered city maps purveyor Studio Two Three will host a few auctions celebrating local art and artists. Tickets are $25, but I hear there’s a open bar provided by Belle Isle Moonshine. A moonshine open bar…!

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Actual thing said today

“What’s Rodney Dangerfield’s catchphrase? ‘What’s the deal? Fuhgeddabout it! Am I right?'”

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