Good Evening, RVA: March 7th, 2016

Get out your fifes and drums! It’s internet-reading time!

Photo by @creativedogmedia

It was an 18th-century day in RVA.

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Kindergarten art

Photo by: eldirko

The kinders are coming! The kinders are coming!

It’s time to register your child for kindergarten! Assuming, of course that your child will be five years old by the time the summer turneth to autumn and the wheat is ready for harvest.

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Dominion building

We know not what course coal ash may take…

Actually, we do. The course shall terminate in yon river! While it’s all done according to the law of the land, there’s some kerfuffle about whether that law was influenced muchly by the company Dominion & Sons. So this time it is the State Water Control Board’s decision that shall be appealed. ‘Tis an interesting way to go about it!

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Lee circle

Photo by Creative Dog Media

Thou may run ‘cross the road with nary a bayonet in your hand

Hark, pedestrians of Richmond. The roads that encircle that new-fangled man Lee that you’ve put on so high a pedestal are now easier for you to cross on your two feet. And those of you who motor down the Avenue of Monuments, you’re less likely to collide in a terrible way! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah for traffic engineers!

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Richmond city seal

They, the people!

Your glorious City Council meets this very evening for a special meeting to discuss two ordinances. To spare you much reading of electronic documents, we have summarized them succinctly.

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Photo by: hadsie

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to counsel children…

Zounds, Susan Howson has feelings about camp counselors.

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VCU-Davidson (206)

Photo by Will Weaver

In case thou missed it…

Senior Night last week at the Siegel Center. Bittersweet tears and sweet nostalgia, we knowest not what to do with you.

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The finest YouTube channel to ever exist

It’s like someone made it just for us!

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