Good Evening, RVA: March 2nd, 2016

Get busy, child!

Photo by BlueGoo Studios

It was a cruisin’ day in RVA.

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Basketball hoop

Photo by: bobert1980

You have five missions, should you choose to accept them

So listen, the weekend weather doesn’t look all that great, but you know what? The weather isn’t always great when you’re an international spy, either. But you still have to get it done–even in a sandstorm! And we aren’t having any of those. Here’s five things for you and your family to do this weekend.

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Department of environmental quality

Also, killing a unicorn will plunge the earth into an endless winter

Gov. McAuliffe vetoed legislation that would make the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality have to consult the Assembly before implementing anything from Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The Chamber of Commerce and a bunch of other businesses do not support that plan.

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Photo by: H. Sánchez

Don’t worry, we’re not going to do what you think we’re going to do, which is flip out

Pinball exists in a big way in Richmond. Did you know that??

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Sam and Ross like things SARLT

We’re going to give you the choice Sam and Ross never had

The choice between Texas Beach and The Hunt for Red October, that is! They didn’t have that choice! Because they chose both to like! Listen to Sam and Ross Like Things.

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We’re not going to a distant world. We’re going to camp!

It’s Summer Camp Week here at RVANews. Last year, Susan Howson sussed out the mystery of why four generations of her family is so darn obsessed with this one camp in New York State.

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Stones at stone

Photo by: @vintage_rva

You complete us.

Stone Brewing Co.’s Company Store is open for business! Not softly, just regularly! Here are the photos Trevor Dickerson took last week at their nifty press event.

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Friday cheers 2016

Go embarrass yourself with Goose

The Friday Cheers schedule is here.

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Is that his contractual requirement?

Seriously it’s in every single Tom Cruise movie.

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