Good Evening, RVA: January 7th, 2016

Man, was it an intensely sleepy afternoon with the heat on and the sun shining or what?

Photo by @hippchenm

It was a mild day in RVA.

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mean bird fried chicken

We can’t stop talking about the Chopped, Jr. winner

But there’s also other stuff in this week’s Food News, like the fact that Hibachi Box is opening, finally! And Gelati Celesti is coming to Scott’s Addition (forming the Icy Treat District, one hopes)! And more stuff!

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Boulevard burgers

Speaking of food news…

Trevor Dickerson got some pics’n’quips about the new Boulevard Burger & Brew, which looks pretty fun, even though it started some yelling in our office about whether crinkle fries should or should not exist. Please note: vegan burger! And those quarter sheet pans! Very cute, guys!

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Reed L Shannon as Michael Jackson (center) with the Jackson 5, Motown: The Musical First National Tour, (c) Joan Marcus, 2014.

Photo by Joan Marcus

See a film! See a show! See a play! See two plays! We don’t care!

There’s a lot to do this weekend, which is good news, because the last two were a little sparse. You know, when everyone’s in post-holiday “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” phase. Let us all emerge from our homes and take in some culture!

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In sad and frustrating news

We’ve had so many murders already in January–three confirmed homicides under investigation and a “death investigation” about another gunshot death. This is 3-4 times as many as we had this time last year. Anyway, here’s what we know about Djan Robinson, who was killed on Northside, and Mark Jackson-Silver, who was killed on Southside. Let’s be clear, we are only one week into January.

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Trillions of musical options

Here are Andrew Cothern’s two picks for this weekend–the Trillions (with Clair Morgan and Spooky Cool) and Donna the Buffalo. You can also see his picks for the rest of the month, but you may have already noticed them, because you read RVANews like a rad person!

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Do this once

And then do it again and again. There is simply no way you will not laugh a thousand times.

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