Good Evening, RVA: January 21st, 2016

Hold on to your butts.

Photo by Scott Medina

It was a day filled with anticipation in RVA.

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Snow MAN

Photo by: Matt Blaze

“We are Richmonders and we don’t know what we’re doing.”

OK, OK. So it’s going to snow, now what? DO: Stay warm and well-hydrated. DON’T: Huddle around your gas stove for warmth. We’ve got more helpful tips like that for you (if you didn’t grow up in New England and already know this stuff by heart) right here.

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Squirrel building a snowman

Photo by: Smabs Sputzer


Take a minute to digest all of those useful tips in the previous link, because you’re going to need to bring to bear the full weight of your concentration to this list of closings, delays, and bummers caused by Winter Storm Jonas. Is anyone even doing anything at all tomorrow?

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Photo by: Brenderous

Some people are even doing things tomorrow

Read Rachel Marsh’s picks for things to do this weekend, but be aware! Some of those things have already been delayed and more are sure to find their final resting place on our closings, delays, and bummers list.

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Polar plunge

5, 10, 15, 20?

Just how much snow will fall on Richmond this weekend? One million feet? Two million? Zero million? If you can correctly guess you can win…the chance to jump in a freezing pool of water! Guys it’s for a good cause, and some people love this kind of thing!

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Sad news, tube news, food views, snowshoes

Read about this week in food news from the comfy confines of your home, or don your snowshoes and try to experience the news first hand. The latter is definitely more rewarding but sure sounds like a lot of work (and cold, so very cold).

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Remember Richmond as it was!

Before this weekend’s Arctic onslaught covered it in a thick layer of impenetrable ice and snow, Richmond was a beautiful place. Remember a more beautiful time with these aerial drone photographs.

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Writing hard, reporters say

Forever ago (like, in 2001), Slate wrote about the weird way TV news anchors talk.

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