Fascinating Person #2 — Susan Hill

She is a passionate advocate for solar energy and has a whole lot to say about food co-ops too. All in a fascinating manner, of course.

Photo by Daniel Dudek-Corrigan.

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Solarize RVA has always seemed like a neat program–you apply to have your house upgraded to solar energy, you enjoy some discounts that the program gets from suppliers, and you get a whole lot of other perks too (namely DRAWING ENERGY DIRECTLY FROM THE SUN!). Then we talked to Susan Hill, the executive director for Richmond Region Energy Alliance, the organization that facilitates Solarize RVA.

We learned why solar energy simply must catch on, why it’s not enough to just think about the present, why solarizing your home is probably an entirely different process than your memories of the 80s and 90s might lead you to believe, and how there are ways to make it worth your while.

Read what we learned from Susan Hill here.

She’s also on the board of the Richmond Food Co-Op and has a lot to say about helping eradicate hunger as a problem in our decidedly first-world city.

There are really huge things you can do to help out your fellow man (and your children and your children’s children) while you sit around and read the Internet! And Susan will inspire you to do so.

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