Eight Track 03 winners!

Another Eight Track has come and gone. As with any worthwhile competition there are losers and winners — there are no ties in the Eight Track (even Donovan Mcnabb knows that).

Another Eight Track has come and gone. As with any worthwhile competition, there are losers and winners — there are no ties in the Eight Track (even Donovan Mcnabb knows that). Even if you wanted there to be ties, the mathematical complexities that we have dreamed up to score this thing are soooo against ties you wouldn’t even believe it.

This Eight Track featured, if you didn’t already know, three local labels as well as the four winners from last time. I guess we could do some more score tallying and assign scores to the labels but we didn’t and probably won’t before the morning…WHEN ALL OF THE SCORING IS ABSOLUTELY FINAL.

Anyhow anyhow, here’s the deal. The “winners” are the top four point-getters. They are featured in a show that RVANews organizes and promotes and “hocks” (stay tuned for more info on that). The top eight are featured on the “Eight Track” – a downloadable playlist that is your present to keep. Say you are a huge Anousheh Khalili fan (who isn’t, really?) and you see that she didn’t make the top four (probably because some overly jealous competitor ambushed her voting booth with negative votes), DO NOT WORRY because although you wont get to see her live and in person at our show, you WILL get to take her voice with you back and forth to work everyday because RVANews will allow you to … you have our permission.

Those of you who are fans of the bands that are in the bottom 50th percentile are out of luck. The only thing that you can do is bang your head against the wall for NOT VOTING MORE. It’s def OK though because you have learned your lesson and understand that democracy is only as strong as its active voting constituency. Without further ado I will reveal the list, a list that has been in plain view this whole time but the gripping narrative has forced you to read my words chronologically. THE LIST!!!!

  1. No BS
  2. Scott Burton
  3. Amazing Ghost
  4. Jonathan Vassar
  5. Snow Panda
  6. Anousheh Khalili
  7. David Shultz and the Skyline
  8. Now Sleepyhead
  9. Mermaid Skeletons
  10. Murk One
  11. Chadrach of Divine Profitz
  12. Grown Folks
  13. Nathan Joyce
  14. Swerve
  15. The Brandons
  16. Pedals on our Pirate Ships

Ok. Let’s do some analysis. No BS is a winner after coming in second last time around (a second place finish that Reggie contests should have been a first I might add – he’s like Auburn in 2004). Congratulation is due them, and especially Reggie, as No BS becomes a repeat winner and Reggie has medaled in all three Eight Tracks. The next two spots are also taken by winners from the last Eight Track, as both Scott Burton and Amazing Ghost’s mellifluous sounds transfixed the voting fingers of young listeners. Jonathan Vassar, a newcomer to Eight Track and resident of Triple Stamp Records, rounds out the top four. If they accept the mission, you will find this stellar lineup as our guests in the next Eight Track show (note: these shows are quickly becoming legendary Richmond affairs, something we pride ourselves in — details TBA).

The Eight Track does many things, but more than anything it tries to make all of us aware of the Richmond music community. If you browse the last three competitions, you will be perusing a rather well-compiled list of Richmond’s local talent. The talent that lives here wants you to listen to their music. Although they appreciate you lending your ears to the internet, they would much rather you lend some time to a concert/show/gig/promotion. Local music is only as strong as the community supporting it … I just made that up, that may or may not be true … BUT I am positive that if you put them on a graph they are related.

Try and make it out to some local concert/show/gig/promotions. They will give back to you, tenfold, what you sacrificed getting there.

Download away!

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Matthew E. White

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