Beer News: Booze Week Part 1 is complete!

In this week’s Frothy Forthcomings (actual rejected name), we dip a toe into the sudsy waters of Belgian beer and Vienna lager. Then we rip our pants off and dive right into the Beer Expo and a bunch of other stuff!

Southern exposure

It’s here! The Capital Ale House National Beer Expo hits RVA’s sandy shores tonight and spills forth its casks and kegs of beer into our humid environs. Hit up tonight’s taco throwdown, but don’t consume in excess because tomorrow you have a whole lot of drinking left to do. I’ve got my eye on the seminar with folks from Stone Brewing Co. on Saturday at 11:00 AM with their director of national sales and their COO. Fascinating stuff, y’all!

Tickets to the many, many events are available online.

Annie Tobey double header

Annie Tobey with your Belgian beer primer! Turns out, Richmond is a place well-acquainted with Belgian beers and would like nothing more than to acquaint or reacquaint–as your particular situation may demand–you with them.

Next up in the Annie Tobey double header, this piece in All About Beer magazine about Richmond’s beer scene. As a regular reader of this column, you should already know this stuff. Don’t disappoint me!

Owning ownby

From the Richmond Navigator comes this story about Castleburg Brewery & Taproom. Richmond’s newest brewery-in-planning will be located two-tenths of a mile from Hardywood– right on Ownby Lane! This is wild! Is it brilliant? Is it crazy? I have no idea. I do envision a lot of folks taking the five minute walk down the block when the crowds at Hardywood get a bit much.

Celebrate Belgium at Brux’l

Celebrate Belgium as hard as you can on July 21st, which is Belgian National Day! You can do this at Brux’l Cafe (at 6:30 PM) with their six-course Belgian beer dinner for $60–includes the aforementioned six courses paired with six Belgian beers. Make your reservation ASAP if you love Belgium (804.355.3683).

To the moon

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside at night, listen to the cicadas, and watch the moon move across the sky. Center of the Universe has an entire festival dedicated to this very thing–kind of! Join them this weekend for the 3rd annual Summer Moon Music Festival1 this Saturday and Sunday. You should expect oysters bands, bands, more bands, food trucks, beers (duh), and a metric ton of fun. You should also expect “4,500 square feet of covered tent spaces with tables and chairs” in case the weather turns.

More Vienna Lager!

Devils Backbone, which makes the best Vienna Lager in the entire country, will begin distributing in neighboring North Carolina as part of a plan to expand to a five-state distribution footprint. I am into this, as all Americans should have the chance to sample DBB’s Vienna Lager and especially their Schwarzbier–which is as delicious as it is fun to say.

RVANews booze week stuff, ICYMI

It’s Booze Week here at RVANews! That means all this week and the next, we’re featuring beer, wine, liquor, and whatever else gets the job done. Here are some of the beer-related pieces we’ve featured:

— ∮∮∮ —


SweetWater Brewing Company out of Atlanta, which makes the oh-so-delicious 420, announced that Kim Jones will take over as the company’s new CEO. She’d previously served as CFO.

California Congreswoman Jackie Speier will introduce a bill that would allow folks to send beer through the USPS. Beer traders rejoice!

Read this article in slate about sexist and gross beer labels. Then never buy a beer with a sexist or gross label/name again!

Other releases, takeovers, and things

  • This Jenga tournament at The Answer is called “Jenga Royale w/ Cheese“.
  • Hardywood will release their Lemon Ginger Wheat this weekend. It’s a 3.3% thirst-quncher that tastes both like lemon and ginger. Plus, you can drink a million of them!
  • Lickinghole will also release a fruit-flavored concoction: Coconut Delight, a rum barrel-aged Belgian-style Quadrupel. It’s 12%, so take it easy tiger.

‘Gram: @legendbrewingco

  1. Don’t expect there to be much of a moon to gaze at while you listen to all the great bands, we’re early in the waxing crescent phase with only 8% visible. 
  2. We make a lot of jokes about being drunk. We are not, but sometimes we wish! 
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