Bee Box #11: Notorious Hitchcock Party

Looking for ways to make the most of the long holiday weekend? Keep your guests entertained with this throwback fete honoring one of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors.

Alfred Hitchcock was a well-known, formidable dinner party host on the Hollywood circuit in the 1960s. At one  dinner party/social experiment that reflected his sense of humor (and love for messing with other people’s heads), Alfred Hitchcock had his chef prepare all blue foods for few close friends,  including  blue martinis, blue meat, blue mashed potatoes, and blue peas. Very little food was actually eaten, and guests were put-off by the deep blue steaks, blue-black mashed potatoes and dark- blue pebbly peas served.

In this modern update, you’ll serve “blue” foods buffet-style that are significantly more visually palatable, along with a cupcake guessing game and Hitchcock movies on the small screen. Ask your guests to dress the part and relax with blue cocktails.

To wear

“Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination, the more the excitement.”
–Alfred Hitchcock.

Invite guests to wear something from the era of their favorite Hitchcock film. For ladies, this means anything from a ‘40s inspired suit to a full-skirted dress from the sixties, ala June Cleaver. For men, a suit paired with a skinny tie does the trick. For both sexes, a vintage hat is quite suggestive and sets the mood.

To serve

  • Blue (very rare) filet mignon, sliced thinly
  • Blue potato chips w/ bluefin tuna sashimi
  • Smoked bluefish pate
  • Blue cheese
  • Concord grapes
  • Blueberries
  • Blue food coloring frosted cupcakes (topped with movie symbols, see movie list with suggested symbols below)
  • Blue M&Ms

To drink

  • Prosecco Blue Royale (flute of prosecco and a splash of blueberry juice)
  • N by NW Cabernet, made by King Estate, available at local wine shops
  • Jones blue soda, for the kids

To rent

See below for a few suggestions for easily- found movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock; have these playing on all of your TVs throughout the evening. For dessert, make a batch of cupcakes and top with a tiny symbol from a Hitchcock movie, and then ask your guests to name the movie and how its symbol is an integral part of it. To get you started, I listed some ideas in parentheses after the movies below.

cupcakes hitch

To Buy

Hitchcock Shower Curtain
This is fun to hang up in the bathroom and use for a photo backdrop to capture pictures of your guests.

hitch party pic

To set the mood

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Genevelyn Steele

Genevelyn Steele mixed her first drink, a “Pink Squirrel”, at age six. Dubbed a natural, she was quickly enlisted to bartend at her parents’ soirees.

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