Chef to Chef: Kevin and Todd

Chef to Chef is back, this time with Kevin Roberts of The Black Sheep and Todd Richardson of The Boathouse. Here they have a few drinks and talk about old times, Richmond restaurant legends, and their favorite pizza.

Chef to Chef: Jason and Walter

Jason Alley, chef/owner of Comfort, and Walter Bundy, longtime chef at Lemaire, get together over dim sum to discuss duck tongue, pickle chicken sandwiches, visiting superstars, and new restaurant plans.

Fifth Quarter: Lardo

Basically Italian fatback, this cured pork product should be made with the best quality pork back fat you can find. After curing, lardo should be sliced tracing paper thin and served just below room temperature, with only a crisp cracker to contrast its obscene richness.

Fifth Quarter: Brasato al Barolo (Beef braised in Barolo)

It’s true: it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. I’ve just returned from a trip to northern Italy, where every day was in the 80s, but bugs, sweat, and tears were nonexistent. In the town of Serralunga d’Alba, only a few grapevines away from Barolo, I dined on the regional beef specialty: Brasato al Barolo. Bellissimo.

Chef to Chef: Jannequin and Ellie

Chef to Chef returns with a conversation between two of Richmond’s favorite female chefs: Jannequin Bennett (formerly of TJ’s and Ellwood Thompson’s) and Ellie Basch (owner of Savor Cafe). Learn about their thoughts on the differences between male and female chefs, fresh food in our schools, and more.

Fifth Quarter: Grilled pork liver

Sunday after church meant two things when I was growing up: burning trash and grilling. My uncle worked for Valleydale Sausage in the 80’s, and one of the perks of squeezing pork into casing day-after-day for a decade was receiving rolls of pressed pig and other pig-parts. The part he most prized from the pig was its liver.

A drink for Grandmother Eve

Here our writer relies on her sense of smell to create a sweet cocktail tribute to her grandmother… and provides you with a lovely, spirited addition to any Mother’s Day festivities you have planned.

Chef to Chef: Andy and Chris

Welcome to our newest column, Chef to Chef, a conversation where two local chefs (uh, obviously) get together to get to know each other, talk shop, and answer a few questions. Special thanks to Morton’s The Steakhouse for hosting!

Fifth Quarter: Fish Head and Bean Curd Soup

If you think that I am that type of person that has an arsenal of fish head recipes, you’re wrong. The more I cook and try and fail and succeed and ask questions, the more success I’ll have with fish heads. You will, too.

Irish Mist: Green beer it is not

Looking for a festive (and decidedly NOT green) drink this St. Patrick’s Day? Keep things legit with this history-rich, not-for-light-weights spirited beverage.