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If you’re just now coming down off your high about VCU’s win against Drexel, you’ve arrived at a good time. This weekend is chock full of events so you can bide time before VCU’s round-one face off in the NCAA Tournament. There are mummies, funnies, a cool artisan expo, plus more. It’s time for 5 Things!

Unless you’ve been nestled deep in a restful coma for the last few days, then you know that the VCU Rams are heading to the NCAA Tournament! Beating out Drexel in the CAA Championship game, the Rams are poised to take their skills back to “the Dance.” It’s unknown who VCU will play in the first round, but this weekend’s Selection Sunday will give Rams fans the answer.

While VCU’s tournament appearance is the most exciting thing to happen since Mayor’s Jones’s budget proposal (read: sarcasm), we don’t have to suspend our lives on tenterhooks until the big announcement. There’s loads of stuff to do. From mummies to ballet (sadly, no mummies performing ballet…maybe next week!) this weekend is going to kick you in the gonads with a foot-full of awesome!

1. Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

What do you call a mummy who wins the lottery. A lucky stiff!. Why don’t mummies have hobbies? Because they’re too wrapped up in their work! The VMFA’s “Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb” exhibit will conclude this Sunday. It focuses on a temple priest, Nesperennub, who lived 3,000 years ago. Not only will visitors get to see Nessie’s mummy and coffin, but over 100 objects related to Egyptian society and funerary rituals. Cool stuff.

  • Exhibit ends Sun, Mar. 11th
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard
  • $12 – $15

2. Richmond Comedy Coalition: The Craigslist Show

Speaking of Egyptian culture, did you know that one of the oldest recorded jokes dates back to 1600 BCE and involves a pharaoh? It’s this: How do you entertain a bored pharaoh? You sail a boatload of young women dressed only in fishing nets down the Nile and urge the pharaoh to go catch a fish! Wow. If that was passing for humor back then, no wonder human sacrifice was popular! Thankfully, we have no need for that in Richmond, as the Richmond Comedy Coalition has long made human sacrifice passé. Tonight (!) they are presenting an improvised event that deals only with the topic of Craigslist (a much better subject for humor than a boatload of women dressed in nets sailing down the Nile, don’t you think?). These guys and gals are really funny, and I recommend them.

  • Thur., Mar. 8th • 8:30pm (doors at 8pm)
  • Gallery5, 200 W. Marshall Street
  • $7 ($5 w/ a valid student ID)

3. Moscow Festival Ballet presents Swan Lake

If humor isn’t your thing (and I can’t blame you, laughing is such a waste of time, isn’t it?), then make sure you head to the Moscow Festival Ballet presentation of Swan Lake because NO ONE will be laughing there. Swan Lake is no Coppélia (or Ghostbusters). It’s about a young prince who tries to liberate a maiden from the spell that has been placed upon her by a sorcerer, one that has turned her into a…wait for it…SWAN. The Modlin Center has a track record of hosting übergreat performances, and this production of one of the greatest classical ballets is no exception.

  • Sun., Mar. 11th • 7:30pm
  • Modlin Center for the Arts, 28 Westhampton Way
  • $20 – $40

4. The Lemonheads

Have you seen the Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds movie, Just Friends? If you haven’t, you should! I just watched it again the other night with the gal I’m wiving and noticed a catchy tune in the soundtrack. It was the early 1990’s hit by the Lemonheads, “Into Your Arms.” As fate would have it, the band will be in town tomorrow to play at the Canal Club, for which tickets are still available. Here’s an old performance of the band to get you into the mood:

  • Fri., Mar. 9th • 8pm
  • Canal Club, 1545 E. Cary Street
  • $15 – $17

5. Artisan Cafe

This Saturday you’ll have an entire showroom consisting of up to 25 local artisans. Featuring wine vintners, clothing and jewelry designers, holistic and natural hair experts, and body care herbalists–you’ll have a bevy of choices during this indoor lifestyle shopping affair. Local farmers and chefs will offer be on hand to offer organic, gourmet healthy food to sample and purchase. The Artisan Cafe says it does what it does for those who “honor distinction between the ordinary and the inimitable.” I think Richmond knows inimitable pretty damn well, don’t you?

  • Sat., Mar. 10th • 6pm – 10pm
  • Artspace Gallery, 0 E. 4th Street
  • FREE admission
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