2013 seniors: Troy Daniels, the human 9-0 run

For years Coach Smart has said Troy Daniels is the best shooter he’s ever coached, but it took Daniels some time to transfer the brilliance he displayed in practice into the game.

Three VCU basketball careers ended in Auburn Hills, MI on March 23rd. Troy Daniels, David Hinton, and Darius Theus didn’t rock the recruiting world when they came to VCU, but the three of them played during the most successful four-year span in VCU history. They leave behind incredible legacies including the VCU record for wins at 111, a Final Four, a 7-3 record in three NCAA appearances, and a CBI title.

For years Coach Smart has said that Troy Daniels is the best shooter he’s ever coached, but it took Daniels some time to transfer the brilliance he displayed in practice into the game. On January 29th, 2011, Troy Daniels earned his first career start as Jamie Skeen and Brandon Rozzell watched from the sidelines with injuries.

Thirty seconds into the game Troy Daniels drained a 3-pointer. Sixty seconds later he was dribbling across mid-court and he heard a pop–his foot was broken. Less than two months and a surgical pin later, he drained a 3-pointer against Purdue as VCU made their way to the Sweet 16. But all of that happened before Troy Daniels was TROY DANIELS.

In his final two seasons, “Buzz” would hit 218(!) 3-pointers while establishing himself as a leader on the court and as a fan favorite. Troy Daniels says he thinks every shot is going in, and after four seasons of watching him hit shots from NBA+++ range, there isn’t a VCU fan that doesn’t share that same confidence.

VCU has some shooters, and Coach Smart will continue to recruit some of the best in the country, but it’s tough to imagine another Ram who can score a dozen points in the blink of an eye. Another shooter who can spark fear in the hearts of others like Xavier coach Chris Mack who called him a human 9-0 run. Another shooter who can bring 7,693 fans to their feet in a heartbeat and make the “Stu” roar quite like Troy Daniels.

Highlight: Troy Daniel’s career night against ETSU is a classic jaw dropping moment in the VCU basketball canon. Fathers will tell their sons about the game years from now.

Bonus: Troy Daniels won the Hampton Hotels 3-point shootout this past Friday.

The Record Book

  • Single season VCU record for 3-pointers at 124.
  • Single game record for 3-pointers at 11.
  • 2nd all time at VCU with 251 3-pointers.
  • 3rd on the A-10 single season 3-pointers list with 124.

Game Statistics

2012-13 36-36 26.3 12.2 0.6 2.5 3.1 0.6 0.9 0.1 0.9 2.1 0.7-1
2011-12 36-20 24.4 10.0 0.89 2.42 3.31 0.5 1.2 0.1 1.0 1.64 0.47-1
2010-11 27-1 4.7 2.0 0.19 0.59 0.78 0.04 0.19 0.0 0.15 0.63 0.25-1
2009-10 26-0 6.0 2.2 0.12 0.5 0.62 0.23 0.08 0.08 0.08 0.58 3-1

Shooting Statistics

2012-13 149-357 .417 25-49 .510 124-308 .403 19-27 .704 1.24 .591 .596
2011-12 112-299 .375 18-52 .346 94-247 .381 43-51 .843 1.21 .532 .558
2010-11 18-59 .305 0-5 .0 18-54 .333 1-3 .333 0.93 .458 .456
2009-10 18-49 .367 3-8 .375 15-41 .366 43-51 .833 1.14 .520 .540

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