Good Evening, RVA: ’Tis the season!

How much chill is too chill?

Photo by Hoo Dat

It was a chill day in RVA.

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Strawberry season

Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Guys, remember those winter months where we had to pretend to love spaghetti squash? Nope, it’s all sorts of colors of the rainbow now, and Stephanie Ganz is here to tell you about berries and all the other things that are good to eat right now and right here in the city of Richmond.

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French bread

Photo by: Richard Allaway

Festival season

Not to be outdone, Rachel Marsh brings us five choice things for filling up our needy baby-bird weekend. Sports and beards mixed with art and French food! Ew, that conjures up gross unhygienic images.

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Centennial season

Binford Middle celebrates its 100th birthday tomorrow–and here’s why you should consider going to school on a Friday night. Thanks to David Shultz, we’ve all caught Binford fever.

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Guerrilla photographer season

We do not condone walking into places, uninvited, and taking photos of them. But, since this guy did…here’s a nice sneak peek at Wegmans!

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Sam and Ross like things SARLT

Posi season

This week, Ross likes dressing nice and Sam likes dressing terribly. Just kidding, Sam likes dressing just fine, and he also likes watching baseball games. Hear these two guys expand on these themes.

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Carol Ann olson

Advocacy season

Listen to 21 minutes with Carol Ann Olson, radio show host and advocate against domestic and sexual violence and you will understand so many more things than you did before you started listening. Plus, she let us record in the WRIR studio, so everyone sounds beautiful and chill.

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Extreme cringe season


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