Good Evening, RVA: Just stick out your chin and grin

And sayyyyyyyyyyyy……….

Photo by: sandy’s dad

It was a rainy day in RVA, duh.

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Richmond city seal

You better knowledge up!

City Council meets tonight! If that’s not as exciting to you as it is for us, we a) envy you the life you have and b) have provided a quick rundown of the highlights in plain English. I’ve been thinking about ACEs all day, guys!

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Butter maybe not even necessary

Stephanie Ganz begins a multi-part odyssey to talk about every single biscuit in town. This is Part 1, people, so don’t get all “WHERE IS THE DANG EARLY BIRD?” because we will lovingly roll our eyes at you from the safety of our office. Warning, this will make you hungry and also feel a phantom carb hangover.

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Photo by: Gabi in Austin

Carry those babes

A push to collect baby carriers for Syrian refugees has made its way to Richmond. Valerie Catrow reports on the YMCA and Carry the Future RVA and how you can help make a humanitarian difference–the best kind!

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Being a foster kid

I talked to Samantha, a 16-year-old high school sophomore who is looking forward to joining her new adoptive parent. Listen to Samantha reflect on the past and dream about the future.

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Go make history

Know someone exceptional? It’s nomination time for the Valentine’s Richmond History Makers. It’s 12 years strong!

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This girl sure made history

But like probably not the kind of history she wants.

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