Good Evening, RVA: It’s not the heat

But the heat’s doing a pretty good job, too

Photo by: sandy’s dad

It was a trickling day in RVA.

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Photo by: DFChurch

Get moving

It’s time to lace up the ol’ shoes and move the ol’ limbs at the joints–Kathryn Pullam is back with a giant, heaping list of active events you can do in and around town. You’re already sweaty just existing right now, so you might as well!

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Swansea 071616

Watch other people get moving

The Richmond Kickers play an English Premier League team on July 4th! This is a big symbolic deal! But is it symbolic in a “In your FACE, Great Britain!” or is it symbolic in a “Oh man, you totally had us under your thumb” way? The outcome will determine the answer! A tentative welcome to Swansea City.

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Downtown apartments

Photo by: Sky Noir

Think about getting the housing-wage gap moving in a closing direction

Mike MacKenzie is here to tell us about new data from the “Out of Reach” report, on which Virginia doesn’t come out too great. This may depress you, but that’s that.

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Liberty public house

Move yourself over to these new restaurants

Five new places to eat, and two closings (well, 1.5 closings) in the month of May! Here are our thoughts, unbidden.

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Peter chang

And then also this one

It opened just a couple of days too late to make it onto our May roundup, but Peter Chang’s in Scott’s Addition opened today, and we went over there and awkwardly took photos of its menu for you. You’re welcome!

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I am terrified to try this

But fellow writers among you might enjoy!

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