Good Evening, RVA: Food, fun, and taking bike rides with the Mayor

Those don’t all have to be mutually exclusive.

Photo by: @cammy757

It was an almost-but-not-quite sunny day in RVA.

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Domo arigato, Mr. Gelato

Stephanie Ganz’s Food News brings us another week of things to eat and news to know. Peter Chang, changes of hands at various places, and an annoyingly tempting array of gelatos are all included.

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eddie izzard

Covered in bees!

The glorious Eddie Izzard will be performing in Richmond on July 18th, and tickets go on sale tomorrow. Here are the details, before you get your panties in a twist.

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Blue man group

Photo by: CaliforniaMusicalTheatre

Covered in blue paint!

Rachel Marsh has your list of things to do this weekend, and it doesn’t NOT involve making some possibly very liquidy drawings on sidewalks.

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Aerial roads

Photo by Michael Chronister

Covered in transit!

You’ll want to read this article about how Jarrett Walker and his team are going to change the course of transportation in our town. Your grandkids will be interested in the fact that you were alive when this thing happened!

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Photo by: Herkie

Covered in wrinkled robes!

Public high school grads are hungrily eyeing downtown in advance of the ceremony they’ve been looking forward to for 12-plus years. You should probably just silently tiptoe out of the way until the whole thing is over.

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Man biking in a suit

Photo by: Canadian Pacific

Covered in…gnats?

Bike to Work Day with the Mayor! This will almost certainly be your last chance to get some sort of bike-face-time in with Mayor Dwight C. Jones, so now’s your time to ride around with him while he cuts ribbons and makes presentations and stuff. It’s all to celebrate Bike/Walk Street on Floyd.

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Covered in people!

We took pictures of the new Hofheimer building rooftop event space in Scott’s Addition, and here are the digital files to prove it

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Let this inspire you

I think we can come up with better names than this! Right? Who’s with me, guys?

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