Good Evening, RVA: Food and Aughts and grillin’ and chillin’

Blinded by sun. Not complaining…yet!

Photo by: sandy’s dad

It was a blinding day in RVA.

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Whoa-whoa-whoa, the sweetest frog

There’s a lot to sink your teeth into this week in Food News, and I can’t believe I’ve never said that before. (Or have I? A thousand Zelda rupees to the first person who proves me wrong!) Read about Croaker’s Spot, Wegmans, Broad Appétit, SweetFrog’s charitable leanings, and more!

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bridge to Brown's island

The Aughts now have their own nostalgia??

Who even heard of such a thing! All I remember is very skinny eyebrows and a lot of lipliner–but apparently there are dance moves and such associated with the decade. Rachel Marsh gives you a 2000s dance party as part of your weekend…and also four other things.

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Nice grill

Richard Hayes has done a choice little roundup of your grillable deals in town just in the nick of time for Memorial Day. It’s like a craaaazy coincidence, guys!

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Find your way

For people new to town…or just people like your mother, who has lived here for 33 years but makes you explain how to get anywhere (JK, that’s my mother)…the new wayfinding signs are pretty helpful. Mike MacKenzie breaks down what they cost and what larger initiative they’re part of. Tourists getting around the city in an AOK fashion is something I can get behind–mainly because I never know how exactly to direct anyone to Maymont. You just sort of aim South but not too far South and you’ll probably find it? I dunno! Gardens! Goats! Ask Siri!

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Much music this weekend

It’s not all Friday Cheers, either. Check out Brett Stonecipher’s monthly music news roundup as if for the first time. It includes a few shows this weekend that you probably don’t want to miss like a boring bump on an even more boring log.

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I’m both sorry and not sorry that someone filmed this

Alcohol is something else. At least the videographer eventually helped him, I guess?

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