Good Evening, RVA: Cool as a cucumber

When you ask for a theme and your office says “vegetables,” maybe it’s time for a new office.

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It was a cruciferous day in RVA.

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Lettuce all get along

Kelly Gerow guest stars in today’s Raising Richmond–and guys, she has the courageous spirit necessary to tackle a topic we all think about but no one knows how to handle. It is grandparents. I mean what happened to those guys along the way?? They are nuts about kids, man!

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What a radishing set of performers

In case you missed it (or if you just want to revel in its glory), RVA Music Night at Friday Cheers was awesome. Check out some sweet pics of Sam Reed, Lady God, and Natalie Prass.

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Reservoir bourbon

A Bloody Mary is a cocktail with vegetables in it

But there are many other types of drinks in this week’s In Your Cups. Also of note: ABC laws are changing to allow distilleries to become Places to Hang. Distilleries: better tidy up the guest bathrooms!

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A super-kale guy

Sorry, Xavier, that vegetable pun was a real stretch. The rest of you, you should all listen to our final National Foster Care Month interview. This young man has a lot of things to tell you that will make an impact, and I certainly can’t say that about everyone. 

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I know you want to be a good steward of your city, and I also know you want to hang out with us, because we are fun humans. Hit both your goals by attending RVANews Live #007 tomorrow night at Coalition Theater at 6:00 PM. With an afterparty! And, like, lots of jokes!

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Enough with the puns

Every moment of this is funnier than the last.

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