Good Evening, RVA: Batten ‘em down!

BRB, gotta go to RVANews Live.

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It was a Q&A day in RVA.

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Varuna area library

You had me at “new library”

It’s not a three-day weekend, but it is absolutely a funtime weekend with about a million festivals (stay tuned for a rundown of those) and a bunch of other stuff to do with your family. Plus The Goonies!

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Michael carbonaro

The Carbonaro Effect is a pretty good one

I had a spirited phone conversation with comedian/magician Michael Carbonaro–not spirited like he delves in the spirit world (he hates that kind of fake stuff), but spirited like funny and interesting. I am now convinced that seeing him at the Carpenter Theatre on June 10th is a great idea.

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File Jun 01, 1 42 21 PM

The Dom Flemons effect might be even better

Lindsay Lerman did this pretty amazing interview with Dom Flemons, who is both a mega-talented musician, a guy who is known for speaking eloquently about musical traditions, and the founder of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Guys, I learned many things.

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RVA comedy coalition theater

Two very comedic things this June

You’re in a summer month now, there’s no denying it (particularly if you’re going to deny it by explaining to me how the summer solstice works). And Rachel Marsh wants to be sure you know that RVA Tonight and the 2nd Best Comedy Fest are both happening very soon!

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Mr. Smith goes to washington

And if your life isn’t hectic enough

There’s still a couple weeks until the filing deadline for running for mayor, city council, or school board. [If you’re made of sterner stuff than I am, and you don’t mind being a public servant, here are your marching orders.

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Guys 25 and over

It’s time to do a little cleanup.


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