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The top ten musical collaborations that I would like to see happen in and from Richmond.

OK, so I’m caught up on lists. Last week I dragged out a list, and this week I’m going to parade out another one. Maybe it’s my way of building up my resume for that Richmond magazine staff writer job, or maybe it’s because they’re a magnet for community participation. Regardless, I’ve got one here under my coat that I’m about to try and sell you.

This week is going to be the “Ten collaborations that I would most like to see happen/maybe someday will make happen myself (in and from Richmond)”.

I don’t know quite where this came from but somewhere between the ideas “Why does every band sound like Animal Collective?”, “Dr. John the Night Tripper,” “Something same old same old about venues in Richmond” and a late night trip to 7-11 from my brand new NearWestEnd home, I stumbled across this obviously superior idea. Really the idea was planted on two disparate occasions that someday might find fruition. I should tell you about them because maybe you will give some moral support to one or the other and further the chances of seeing them make it in the real world.

First of all, I have been harping on myself to start a record label for some time now, and as I see the fruits of Richmond’s labor flourish I consistently think that now might be the time. Of course, since I am a control freak I would salivate over “producing” any boss collaborations that I might be able to dream up. Secondly, Ross and I chit-chatted about paying a couple musicians a few dollars and holing them up in a studio for a few hours to see what they might come up with. The results of course, would be featured on your very own RVANews. ANYHOW ANYHOW ANYHOW, the ideas are overflowing over here, I can’t stop talking. Let’s get to the results….

TOP TEN COLLABORATIONS THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN/MAYBE SOMEDAY WILL MAKE HAPPEN MYSELF (IN AND FROM RICHMOND)!!! !!! !!! !!! (with short, really pitchfork-esque blurbophones to match)

— ∮∮∮ —

1. Hot Lava and Bob Miller

I’m just saying. This would work. I’m not sure why and every little blurb I put together sounds un-fulfilling. They both have these quirky, “electronic music meets broken analog video game sounds plus super poppy music aesthetic.” That was an unintelligible jumble of words, but trust me, the marriage of the two would be a winner.

2. Marty MacCavitt and Liza Kate

He invents (and plays) new instruments out of old, turn of the century zithers. She sings wonderfully. Sounds like an easy pick.

3. Brian Jones and D’angelo

Come on. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. You thought voodoo was tight.

4. Pinson Chanselle and Snow Panda

This is the Dark Horse. I’m going with my gut instinct on this one. Guerrilla Beat-master vs. funky Electrotron tinkerer/wizard.

5. Josh Small and Cameron Ralston

Give those guys some drinks and some free time in the studio and you’ll get some of the best music you might have ever heard. Soul folk in action.

6. Andy Jenkins and Taylor Burton

These dudes already collaborate. It’s called “Summer Drone Club,” but can we get a recording sometime? I’m sick and tired of thinking how sweet it could be–I want to hear it!!! (Andy don’t get mad because I missed your set because I was chit-chatting and lost track of time) I want some concentration, attention to detail, and a record sometime, will ya?!

7. Bryan Hooten and Eighth Blackbird

Eighth Blackbird only kinda counts as “Richmond” because they are artists in residence at U of R, but since B-Hoo kinda has UR connections these days, maybe RVANews can fund a get-together. We can probably pay something like that Steve Reich commissioning fee. JK JK, we’ll bring sandwiches. Anyhow, Bryan Hooten’s steel mind of fury needs a classical outlet, and these are the guys (and gals) I decided he needs!

8. Reggie Pace/No BS and Gull

OMG! I’m pretty sure Reggie hasn’t seen Nate play or I would have heard about it times a million. Anyhow, a one man monster ensemble meets an army of horns.

9. DJ Rattan and Soulpower RVA

Can I just get a party with both of these guys? Maybe they will both play at my brand new NearWestEnd house warming party sometime soon. Seriously though, would you guys?

10. Eddie P and Me

Don’t worry, this one is in the works. I don’t really have much to offer, I’m just trying to glean knowledge over here. Eddie P is Richmond’s ticket to pop music stardom. Eff Elliot Yamin, my radio wants to play the brokedown sounds of Amazing Ghost.

— ∮∮∮ —

There they are. I like them. They sound like the first 10 records to the best record label discography EVER! And…they are all from Richmond! Lets do this–I’m shooting for one, real live collaboration in the next calendar year. I think it can happen…maybe.

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