Go Do This: William Tyler, Dave Watkins, Black Water Gold, and Nic Perea tonight at Strange Matter

It’s a show this time—a dang good show featuring seriously good musicians, both local and non.

Photo by PJ Sykes.

Those Live at Ipanema shows were a lot of fun and, thankfully, they were well documented with Allen Bergendahl and PJ Sykes handling sound and photography respectively. A standout among the many great LAI sets, was the pairing of William Tyler and Dave Watkins in late October in 2013.

The music really tied the room together–we all got way more than the money’s worth of a couple bourbon and gingers, and/or polenta fries.

Tyler and Watkins are performing again in Richmond tonight at Strange Matter, and this is one to make time for.

What it is

A show of music! A music show!

Where it is

Strange Matter on 929 W. Grace Street, just a couple of doors down from Ipanema itself!

Who’s behind it

Tyler–a guitar player and composer from Nashville–has been playing in bands like the Silver Jews and Lambchop since the late ’90s. Although he’s begun focusing on his own music over the past few years, Tyler has already made some excellent recordings, including two albums for Merge Records. Currently, he is on tour with Wilco.

Dave Watkins is in a similar lifelong musical pursuit. A committed and gifted composer and performer, he also records the music of others (Lobo Marino, Tim Barry, Night Idea) while also handling the audio and visual supervision for the Richmond Ballet, but also also an inventor of musical instruments, who has ideas like this one spring-loaded in his brain to be released at any given moment:

“I want to build a new five-string dulcitar that will be tuned DADAD or CGCGC. The ability to have a bit lower register is something I’ve been wanting, so I can flesh out my picking work and arrangements a little further. I’ve been experimenting with this idea by modifying a cheap Telecaster kit into a five-string, and have been trying some stuff with a modified children’s short-scale five-string bass that i’ve set up with flatwound guitar strings.”

You get it, right?

These two are lifers, and let’s hope they continue to cross paths.

The stakes have been additionally raised for tonight’s show, with the inclusion of two well chosen local performers: Black Water Gold and Nic Perea.

Inspired by Sparklehorse, Elliot Smith, and Pedro the Lion, Black Water Gold is the music of Justin Black and a handful of excellent collaborators. They’re currently laying down the goods to ¼-inch tape in Justin’s basement and will perform as a duo at Strange Matter.

Nic Perea made an album last year, which was produced by Lance Koehler of NO BS! Brass Band. Patient, cool music. Reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Nap Eyes.

When it is

Tonight, February 4th at 9:00 PM.

How much it costs

$12, purchase at the door.

Other things to note

The show is 18 and up. Sorry, younger teens and tweens and people who should be home in bed.

If you don’t go do this, you will…

Have a lot of things to listen to and watch, starting right now.

Dave Watkins and William Tyler, Live at Ipanema, October 22nd, 2013

Look and listen online. Photography by PJ Sykes and sound by Allen Bergendahl.

William Tyler’s Blue Ash Montgomery

You can download this 2014 release for $1000, or stream it for free. Your call.

Black Water Gold’s Round Up

This 2015 EP was recorded by Russell Lacy at his killer studio, the Virginia Moonwalker. Listen online.

Nic Perea’s Too Many Days Ahead

Listen to Nic Perea’s 2014 album right now! It was recorded by Lance Koehler at his killer studio, Minimum Wage Recording.

William Tyler — “The Sleeping Prophet” (official music video)

Dave Watkins — Live solo set produced by Aux Send and Good Day RVA

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