Happy 100th, Binford Middle!

The Fan’s got a pretty sweet party going on this Friday. You down?

Go Do This: William Tyler, Dave Watkins, Black Water Gold, and Nic Perea tonight at Strange Matter

It’s a show this time—a dang good show featuring seriously good musicians, both local and non.

To protect, serve, and wag: The RPD’s new K-9 facility honors past police dogs

It’s possible that past, present, and future police dogs are all better at their jobs than the rest of us.

The Horse I Rodin On: The evolution of a genius at the VMFA

David Shultz didn’t know a whole lot about Rodin, sculpture, or diseased hands. Now he knows, arguably, too much! (JK, just enough).

Our House: Separate natures, identical nurtures—a triplet story

David and Anne Shultz were decidedly unprepared for triplet daughters, but they were, by the time they got those babies home, unsurprised by their strikingly different personalities.