5 reasons to catch a Squirrels game

Your summer is probably chock full of awesome outdoor things, but have you forgotten one of America’s proudest summer traditions? Going to a Squirrels game!

Summer is a time for many all-American things; apple pie, fireworks and of course, baseball. Here are five reasons you should go to a Richmond Flying Squirrels game.

1. Its cheap

Like, really cheap. General admission tickets are only $7 a piece, which is much cheaper than a typical concert or movie (fly balls are also free). You can pay with either cash or plastic for concession fare and although it may not feature the healthiest of options, who doesn’t love some Squirrelly fries (delicious curly fries topped with cheese that you have to eat with a fork).

2. They do fun (bizarre) stuff in between innings

I’m not exactly sure how Parker the Rally Pig and Dancing Disco Drag Queens fit into baseball, but they sure do amp up the crowd. Twenty-eight game day interns willingly subject themselves to games like Wack-an-Intern (a life-size whackamole game where interns wear colored jumpsuits and let children hit them with soft mallets) or racing around the diamond in nut costumes for the entertainment of fans between innings. And yes, it’s still OK to take pictures with the Squirrel’s mascot Nutsy, even if you’re over the age of 11.

3. You don’t have to be a baseball expert

The Flying Squirrels are a Double-A minor league team affiliate of the San Francisco Giants; if you don’t know much about baseball, Double-A and Triple-A leagues are stepping stones for the majors, and devoted fans often track the progress of players as they advance from hometown leagues to the higher ranks of professional baseball. But if this is not your preferred hobby, you can still talk with your friends, look out for fly balls, and catch the occasional t-shirt.

4. Fireworks!

If you didn’t get enough of fireworks during your 4th of July celebrations, the Diamond hosts a 24 Firework Extravaganza after the games on Thursday and Saturday nights so you can continue to soak in patriotic flair for the rest of the season.

5. Special promos

Practically every home game features some kind of promotion or giveaway, ranging from $1 hot dog nights, to $2 domestic drafts every Wednesday night, to free bobbleheads, snow globes, and even a Six Pack Cooler Giveaway by Budweiser. There’s even a Kroger Squirrel Tails Kids Club that lets members eat free on Sundays as well as free admission to some games. Check out the Squirrel’s schedule for special nights and promos.

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photo by Eli Christman

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