Robot Hearts: He said, He said

Bar Dude and Normal Dude face off in a special “Susan’s On Vacation” edition of Robot Hearts.

Robot Hearts: Making the most of the Internets

A Craigslist all-call for love: creepy or an act of romantic genius???

Robot Hearts: Wash that man right out of your hair (and then be careful how you go about getting it dirty again)

OK, reader who submitted the second question! Let’s go ahead and treat the reader who submitted the first question as a cautionary tale, not an inspiration. Just to be safe.

Robot Hearts: Finding Yourself and Your (Ugh) Sensuality

Two people ask Jack and Susan questions. And two/four people remain bewildered.

Robot Hearts: Kissing And Telling The Internet May Have Adverse Effects on Your Love Life (Turns Out)

Jack’s reputation as a womanizing jerk has finally caught up with him, and a girl has called him out via Robot Hearts! Ahh, the internet! Let the dissension begin!

Robot Hearts: Lighting one fire and putting out another

Jack and Susan say “Buck up!” to the lovelorn and “F off!” to each other. Their hearts are in the right place, they’re just made of metal!

Robot Hearts: His Best Friend’s Girl and Her Deadbeat Valentine

Jack Goes Forth answers your relationship questions??? Come, experience the spectacle.