Robot Hearts: The final episode

The time has come to bid farewell to our beloved Robot Hearts. With this last installment, Jack and Tess give their final thoughts on dating in our fair city.

Robot Hearts: Waiting periods and revenge

This week: When is it ok to start dating someone who’s just out of a relationship? and Is revenge acceptable when your girl is cheating… with one of your friends?

Robot Hearts: Now what?

That’s right, folks! Robot Hearts is back in action and better than ever. Banter! Thinly-veiled insults! Jack calling women crazy! What more could you want? In this edition watch as Jack and Tess offer wise counsel to a young lady stuck wondering if her friend with benefits is also looking for something more, and check out what they have to say to a young man struggling with converting digits to dates.

Robot Hearts: How to Meet Her Mother

Oh, we are so timely over here! This week Tess and Jack offer tips on how to make a good impression on your lady friend’s mumsie wumsie.

Robot Hearts: Who Are You Again?

Unforgettable, that’s what you are. Well, actually, it seems some of you aren’t.

Robot Hearts: The Rules of Attraction

We’re going back to basics on this one as we debate the validity of love and first sight and help one reader figure out how to get chicks to dig him.

Robot Hearts: Lady-friend woes

One reader struggles with putting up with his partner’s bad habits, while another deals with his partner’s habit of not putting out.

Jack’s St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

As a veteran of a whopping three St. Patrick’s Days in Richmond and a self-proclaimed “bar and social critic,” I felt like I would take it upon myself to give the readers of RVANews some pointers and suggestions for attacking St. Patty’s and getting the most out of your day… most of which you probably won’t remember.

Robot Hearts: On moving on and moving too fast

There’s a new lady in town to challenge Jack, folks. Read on as they both weigh in on handling post-divorce woes and one night stands.

Exactly how into me are you, then?

Well, what do you know? Helping hetero guys with their confidence problems isn’t on our agenda this week!