Go Do This: Toy’s Home

A singularly unique theatrical experience this weekend at Firehouse. Holly Gordon saw the preparations with her own eyes, and spoke with charming Italian writer and director with her own voice!

Virginia Untold: The African American Narrative Digital Collection

Celebrate Black History Month by reading previously untold narratives and helping to uncover some yourself.

Juice on the loose: The business of squishing produce

The phrase “cold-pressed” has lately begun to connote “healthy,” but isn’t juice, like, sugar? SOMEONE DECODE JUICING FOR US, PLEASE.

Giving back, holiday-style: Volunteer opps for you and yours

Got some vague idea that you’d like to do something charitable during the holidays? Here are some suggestions (and also some good info about how well-meaning efforts sometimes turn bad).

A town of many markets

It boggles my mind how many farmers markets Richmond sustains. Also surprising is how many vendors sell at several or nearly all of them. If the idea of a Starbucks on every corner in a major city doesn’t cannibalize the business, does it work the same way for local produce and wares?

Drawing out anaphylaxis: a local woman’s stride to make life with food allergies better

Many children’s first birthday parties end in fistfuls of cake, melted ice cream, and lots of photos. For one local Richmonder, her child’s first birthday ended with an ambulance.

Moonlight Magic for Massey

James River Cellars is throwing the 9th annual Moonlight Magic benefit for the Massey Alliance. Catered by Champagne Taste, it should be deliciously awesome.

Butchers, Bakers & Beyond Food

The Real Richmond Food Tours have been selling out left and right so get your tickets for this Saturday’s walking tour now.

Cancer prevention through healthy eating

The young professionals’ board of the Massey Cancer Center has launched a new initiative to educate other young professionals and the community about cancer prevention through nutrition and healthy living.

Happy birthday Secco!

Carytown’s favorite wine bar is turning one this week. To celebrate, they’re offering glass pours of different wines from their reserve list and daily trivia questions on Facebook with gift cards as prizes. Yesterday I was THISCLOSE to winning one of them (though I did have to go back to my original article to double […]