Club Velvet Owner in Trouble with the Law, Again

The RTD reports that undercover ABC agents testified they saw numerous ABC violations, drug dealing, and prostitution at Club Velvet from late 2007 through spring of 2008. The ABC hearing is continuing, although the past convictions of the club owner on charges related to sex with a minor and illegal filming of a sexual act […]

Resources for Frugal Living in VA

Tough economic times have forced many Richmonders to take a closer look at their finances. Carrying this careful accounting into the recovery may help many of us repair the damage of this downturn more quickly once the recovery begins. Here are some wonderful resources I’ve found in the last few months.

How much can you afford […]

Restoration of Evergreen, an East End Cemetery with Graves of Many Prominent Black Richmonders

A Church Hill organization is taking the lead in restoring Evergreen, an East End Cemetery that is the final resting place of numerous prominent black Richmonders. Read more about the graves including Maggie Walker’s in the RTD article. Check out these fabulously beautiful pictures of the cemetery and clean-up! More pictures and info at Church […]

A Church Hill North Slumlord May Serve His Sentence Confined to One of His Slum Properties

A Church Hill slumlord may serve his sentence confined to one of his slum properties instead of in jail. Slumlords are a problem for many city neighborhoods so it’s nice to see the city taking these violations seriously. Read the full story in the RTD. Also check out an effort to hold Richmond slumlord’s accountable, […]

Free Screening of “The Struggle to Reclaim Richmond’s African Burial Ground”

The VCU Department of African American Studies continues its series, A Community Course in African American Studies, with the film “The Struggle to Reclaim Richmond’s African Burial Ground,” produced and directed by department Chair Shawn Utsey, Ph.D., on Thursday, Oct. 29, at 7 p.m. in the East District Family Resource Center, 2405 Jefferson Ave. Free […]

Manatee Sightings in the James River!

That’s right folks, a manatee has been seen lately in the James River near Richmond! Apparently manatees don’t wonder this far too often but it’s been known to happen a couple times a decade. If nothing else, it’s something to look for as you are taking in the sights on the riverbank for the next […]

Richmond’s History, You Can’t Even Escape It at McDonald’s

I found this recent RTD article about the history being dug up near the McDonald’s in Shockoe Bottom quite fascinating! It makes me wonder what sort of things were discovered when Rockett’s Landing was being built. If you know where to find such info, let us know.
Here’s an excerpt:
It became “the most heterogeneous block in […]

The Dangers of Drug Use

A sad story in our community but justice was rendered. Read the full story in the RTD.

The Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor….. Is it the solution to the Fulton Hill Business District Trash Problem?

Just thinking a little in the future but these solar powered, combined trash cans/compactors might be great for the business district! The solar compacting means pick-up is not required as often, saving the planet by using less fuel in garbage trucks and beautifying places prone to overflowing trash cans. I think there is already one […]

Stop the Pain 804…… Premieres Sept 8th at the Byrd Theatre in Carytown

Stop the Pain 804 is a new film, youth anti-violence program, and community based services aggregator aimed to connect Richmond residents with the services and programs that work for them. The film will be premiering at the Byrd Theatre in Carytown Sept 8th at 7PM. The 2900 block of West Cary Street will be closed […]