12 comments on The new-look Rams: VCU athletics releases updated visual identity

  1. Scott Furlough on said:

    VCUarts has the highest ranking ever achieved by a public university school of arts and design and is the only public university to consistently rise in the rankings… And they farm the logo out?!?!?!

  2. Dino on said:

    Haven’t decided if I like the new logo yet or not, but regardless, I wonder why VCU went outside the school? Why not make it a project for students at the VCU Brandcenter?

  3. For an athletic department whose main program’s mantra is “Havoc”, this new logo and wordmark do not scream it at all. The new Ram looks like a docile kid about to gently headbutt their opponent. As a VCUarts/Graphic Design graduate, I’m shocked they didn’t make this an inside job. You have the nation’s top design program at your fingertips, and these are designers who know Havoc, and know VCU Athletics. Sure, Rickabaugh Graphics is a top firm for athletics logos, but you’re going to end up with a logo that looks like all the other logos they have done.

  4. Jay on said:

    Is the logo available to download yet?

  5. I think the logo’s fine. An improvement. But I also am a bit dumbfounded as to why they wouldn’t have VCU’s art students design it themselves.

  6. VCU Ad Grad on said:

    Listen. If they would have done the logo inhouse, it would have been terrible. TRUST me.

  7. Donovan on said:

    Hmmm not sure about the new logo yet…I don’t hate it but I don’t love it…maybe it’s an acquired taste

  8. Not horrible, just bad.

  9. Ryan on said:

    Back in 2010 or so there was a university wide project to design a new Rodney the Ram. The designs were posted online and people could login and vote for their favorite. Then they quietly left it alone.

    Some of the designs actually had a nice occult/Gwar show flavor to them. I think the lesson was that the university bigs weren’t going to like in-house designs and people would likely get upset if you gave them the semblance of choice and then dismissed their opinions for one that matters more in the “staying employed”/”collecting alumni dollars”/”selling merch” scheme of things.

    I like this design better than the Fordham Rams’, but less than the Rhode Island Rams’. Would have really liked to see more of an occult Egyptian Building/GWAR design. You know, something more Richmond and less “insert generic sports logo here”.

    But at least it’s not a ‘Billiken”.

  10. Jay on said:

    The RAM should have some tattoos on it and a piercing…..make it look like the students!

  11. Robert on said:

    Ross Catrow should have designed the logo, he’s got a lot of spare time since the commonwealth power rankings are no longer available.

    I also agree the logo should have incorporated Havoc in some way, this is a big disappointment for an athletics program led by their basketball team, who already have a great brand in ‘Havoc’.

  12. Design Degree from another shcool on said:

    It’s extremely common to outsource your own identity. It’s hard for someone inside the organization to a)see the company without prejudice and b) to get the leadership to actually buy into their vision. It creates much stress on both sides and a frustrating process. Using an outside agency allows the work and feedback to be more evenhanded.

    That being said, I agree that this look is too docile.

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