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Injured deer goes on rampage at Short Pump Town Center

The deer smashed a car windshield in before bolting through the outdoor mall’s outdoor corridors.

Black bear on the loose in Goochland County

A local TV viewer named Judy snapped this pic in the backyard of her Goochland County home.

Rabid raccoon attacks dog off of Hungary Road

Henrico Animal Control has determined the animal was rabid in this case; the dog is expected to be okay.

Henrico authorities on the hunt for fox that bit West End resident, pet cat

Residents should treat the fox as rabid and report sightings to Henrico County Animal Protection.

Beware the owls of August!

Over the past weeks we’ve spotted several owls around the 5200 block of King William. Turns out that they are barred owls. These barred owls however have a bad attitude towards folks jogging near them!