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VMFA moment of Zen

Just relax and look at the falling water.

Moment of Zen

Sometimes you just need to look at water falling.

RVA H2O is working to improve water quality and wants to hear from you

Let the city know want needs to be done to improve our water, including stormwater, drinking water, and wastewater.

Day #013: Better access to drinking water

Access to public drinking water is inadequate in Richmond, and everyone from the homeless to runners suffers.

Fulton’s giant slip and slide might be the best thing in Richmond right now

Fulton Hill + giant slip and slide = tons of awesome, very-Richmond fun.

Picture of the day: The flowing James

RVANews picture of the day.

Picture of the day: Woodlake sunset

RVANews picture of the day.

City Council: budget passes, parking meter fees rise

After months of debate, City Council passed a budget with little opposition–including a restructuring of water and sewer rates and an increase in parking meter fees.

Picture of the day: Mist

RVANews picture of the day.

City Council: Support for chickens, beards

An unusual number of high profile ordinances–including “urban chickens”, pay for police/firefighters, changes to the water/sewer rates, and the appeal of a Commission of Architectural Review ruling–made for an interesting evening at City Council this week.