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CFB Week 10: It’s all the marbles week

The Hokies have a must win game tonight against Miami–win and they still have a chance to make it to the ACC Championship Game. Meanwhile, the Hoos look to stop a six-game losing streak.

CFB Week 9: Bye weeks all around!

After yet another week of heartbreaking losses, the Hokies and the Hoos stumble home for a much needed bye week. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of college football to watch!

CFB Week 8: Hokies roll past mighty Duke and the Cavs desperately search for a win

This week is PACKED with great college football games, and here are my recommendations. There is absolutely no reason to get up off the couch on Saturday!

CFB Week 7: Terribleness across the Commonwealth continues

The crushing of the Commonwealth’s football teams continues! At least ODU is undefeated?

CFB Week 6: Hokies and Hoos head to North Carolina for tough matchups

There’s a great weekend of college football ahead of you this weekend! But it’s going to be a long season for Hokie and Hoo fans.

CFB Week 5: ODU in the record books, Hokies facing a rough week, and the Hoos look for redemption

Man, that QB over at ODU really did some stuff last week. Plus my picks for which games to watch this weekend.

CFB Week 4: Hokies & Hoos look to rebound and a huge ACC matchup

After embarrassing performances last week, the Hokies and the Hoos look to rebound. Plus Saturday’s Clemson vs. FSU game is definitely one to watch!

Raising Richmond: VT and me

How my kid helped me stop hating–and start loving–Hokie football.

(And this has nothing to do with UVA, so don’t even.)

CFB Week 3: Notre Dame joins the ACC (mostly), Hoos facing a big test

The Hokies travel to Pittsburgh while the Hoos head to Atlanta, plus I’ve got your Saturday watching schedule all figured out.

Ross’s college football guide: Week 2

While Week 1 is always exciting and packed with top-shelf games, Week 2 is always…meh. Who schedules a huge game for Week 2? Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty worth watching.