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Local CBS affiliate bought by Tribune Company

The local CBS affiliate is among the 19 nationwide television stations with new owners.

Just Hit RECord: When JGL came to town as a Regular Joe

Joseph Gordon-Levitt brought hitRECord On Tour to the National this past Wednesday.

Media General CEO, Marshall Morton, will step down at year’s end

It’s been a crazy year for the local media company and it will end with the exit of its president and CEO.

Richmond Indymedia takes a break

The lefty-to-the-point-of-irrelevance Richmond Indymedia has announced a hiatus “until we can fix the tech problems that have plagued us”. Having posted only 8 articles in the first 5 months of the year, of which only 4 were actually about something in Richmond, they weren’t really doing much anyway. I’ve always liked the idea behind the […]

on reporting local news

I put up 2 stories on Church Hill People’s News last weekend that ended up being picked up by 2 of the local TV stations this weekend. Last Sunday’s Sunny Market now even more gross and Monday’s neighbor vs neighbor became nb12’s City responds to online complaints and wric’s Eyesore Is Piece Of Richmond History, […]

revisiting the Richmond Free Press

Back in July, the Richmond Free Press caught some flack for their weak attempt at getting their news online. Since then, though, they’ve updated their site so that the entire current issue is online. You can get either of their smallish sections as a PDF, which allows them to include their advertisements and everything else. […]

on the redesign, again, the self-styled (and all 1998-style) “the official Online City Portal” and home of the award-winning RBlog, has sprung for a redesign (sort of). The same mass of links line the left side of the page, and tacky ad-space still dominate the layout. The *new* is that you now have to scroll *more* to get […]