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HAM? mural celebrates new Run the Jewels album

It’s one of many showing up across the world.

Local artist HAM customizes cleats for All-American Bowl players

The nation’s top high school players head home with a colorful slice of HAM.

Picture of the day: The Light of Human Kindness

RVANews picture of the day.

The complete 2012 RVA holiday gift guide

This holiday gift guide is something different: it’s a celebration of the amazing and unique attributes of RVA, available only here, from our own resources, creators, and artisans.

Picture of the day: Ham? at Binford

RVANews picture of the day.

Meet me at the murals: Ham? is up

After being laid off from his architecture firm in 2009, Ham’s wife encouraged him to seize the sudden opportunity to exercise his thirst for art away from the drafting table. Now he’s one of RVA’s most prolific, and sometimes controversial, muralists.

Meet me at the murals

Street art has gone all-city in the City of Richmond! If you attended the G40 First Fridays or the RVA Street Art Fest (RVASAF), you saw it, you felt it, and you were probably moved by it. The best part? It’s all still there. Head downtown and take it in again or for the first time.