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Raising Richmond: FOUR!

“What’s it like being four?” I asked my daughter. “Eckkk,” she said. Welcome to four!


My kid’s a good human being, and I’m terrified she’s going to be crushed.

Raising Richmond: Back to school for the first time

The start of preschool sets the schedule for the rest of my child’s childhood: field trips, book bags, school photos. Bring it.

Raising Richmond: Thank heaven for little boys

…and big boys and all those in between. Here’s a little to tribute to a few young men in my life. Consider it a thank you for how they help me get excited for the future, think back fondly (but realistically) on the past, and not spend all my time wishing away the present.

Raising Richmond: Bye-bye baby stuff

As we contemplate moving our son to a new bedroom, I get all weepy over his nursery and some of the treasures that make it special. (Yes, I said “treasures.” Because they so are…Don’t you dare judge me.)

Raising Richmond: The tracks of my tears

Alternate title: Six songs to help you wallow in sadness over your kid(s) having the nerve to grow up.

The kids are all right

Two third graders were caught engaging in sexual activity, right in their classroom. Is the sky falling or just some cute little Garanimals pants?

I’m a Believer

Davy Jones of The Monkees died last week at 66. This is my love letter to the man who took me from a girl to a woman, without even knowing it.