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Virginia primary day now a school holiday for Henrico County students

High voter turnout is expected for the Virginia primary election on Tuesday, March 1st.

Civil War: A high-stakes election

One of the turning points of the war: November 8th, 1864.

Brat handily takes 7th District win over Trammell, filling Cantor’s seat

Dr. David Brat claimed victory over incumbent Eric Cantor in the primaries, beat out Democratic challenger Jack Trammell Tuesday.

Eric Cantor defeated in Republican primary

The House Majority Leader loses to Tea Party candidate David Brat.

Rundown of Tuesday’s primaries

Pop quiz, hotshot: do you know which primaries take place tomorrow?

Everything you need to know about Tuesday’s Democratic primary

Offices on the ballot for this election are Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. Polls open at 6:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM–vote early and vote often!

Recount affirms Baliles’s 1st District win, but Tyler may file contest to City Council

On November 6th, Jon Baliles earned a razor-thin win in the 1st District City Council race against incumbent Bruce Tyler. But even after last night’s recount affirming the victory, Tyler may still contest the results.

Picture of the day: Two red doors

RVANews picture of the day.

President Obama to speak at VCU next week

President Obama will kick-off his re-election campaign next week with a rally at VCU. The president is scheduled to speak at the Siegel Center on Saturday, May 5th. The first lady is also scheduled to be in attendance.