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City informs Sugar Shack of bizarre doughnut tax policy

If you order between one and five doughnuts, the City considers that a meal and will tax you on it.

Favorites: Sugar Shack’s Samoa doughnut

Sugar Shack’s Samoa doughnut gives certain adorable cookie salesgirls a run for their money.

Picture of the day: Doughnuts in Carytown

RVANews picture of the day.

Mrs. Yoder’s doughnuts now in ice cream form

Mrs. Yoder’s doughnuts are the best reason to brave the South of the James Farmers’ Market, and now they’re in ice cream form!

A sweet start for Sugar Shack Donuts

It may only be a shack, but don’t be surprised if Sugar Shack Donuts soon becomes a doughnut Mecca (if it isn’t already).

Favorites: Mrs. Yoder’s doughnut

Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen is a traveling doughnut wonderland. Expect long lines, sticky fingers, and easily one of the best doughnuts in town.

Portrait House opens, Jean-Jacques Bakery does brunch, and patios cometh

Carytown is about to get another dining option, WPA Bakery gets back on the doughnut train, and summer is looking good if you like to eat on sidewalk patios.

WPA Bakery dished out nearly 700 doughnuts on Sunday

The bakery had a record business day as doughnut lovers came out in droves.

Doughnuts this Sunday at WPA Bakery

Don’t freak out, but WPA Bakery will be baking up doughnuts this Sunday–including vegan and gluten-free options!

Free doughnuts!!!

Every year, National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June, and a few local retailers around town are taking part in the celebration by offering free doughnuts: Dixie Donuts – will offer a free hot sugared donut with each purchase from 7am until noon. Krispy Kreme – will offer every guest one […]

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